One of your 5 a day?

We went in for breakfast and the fridges were being set out for lunch. It’s not an over-fertile imagination, it’s not too many horror movies in my teens, it’s not playing online racing until 2am the night before and it’s not because Joycee was driving.

They were serving diced zombie for lunch, chilled to keep the maggots dopey so you can spear them easy with your fork.

I think we need Mystery Incorporated to investigate Dobbies and this latest atrocity.

2 thoughts on “One of your 5 a day?”

  1. I take it the Scooby Snacks are just out of shot?!
    Is it bad that when I sit watching the new ‘improved’ Scooby with my kids that I can be heard muttering that the original was better…
    Anyway, how did the maggots taste?

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