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I’ve got a new race pack from Lowe Alpine in for test, more on that soon, and it has neat bottle pockets that need smaller bottles, and as I’ve been shooting my smooth sided Klean Kanteen and Sigg stainless steel bottles into the scenery at every opportunity recently I fancied something that might replace the 800ml bottles as a regular item anyway.
So, these gallus wee fellas from One Green Bottle looked to be just the job. 500ml, shaped to be gripped and easily handled, and bent out of your finest food grade stainless steel. The bottles are nicely finished and will give years of service I’m sure.
But, as they look like they’re made from the very same mold as the Klean Kanteens they have that rolled lip which looks like a dirt trap to me. Not a problem though, you just have to wash it properly rather than give it an optimistic rinse.
The caps are different though, the plain one is a solid plug which reduces the bottle capacity slightly (the Klean Kanteen one is hollow like a Sigg cap), but if seals fine and is better in the hand than the Klean Kanteen version, much grippier. The sport cap on the blue one is terrible, the little push-on cap welds itself on and the valve under it is so loose a light breeze lifts it and lets the contents out.
The wee neoprene jacket is a great idea, I’ve used similar things for years, and despite being made for a regular shaped bottle it fits the curvy version perfectly.

Now One Green Bottle have a fine product, but the website is a just a little hardcore when it comes to ethical, environmental and health stuff/claims. That makes me want to wrap myself in crumbling asbestos and drink from a polycarbonate cup just assert myself as human being with choices.
The bottles also come in huge carboard tubes with full colour printing all over them, I don’t care if I can recycle these, recycling is just another industry making a buck and using resources on its own. Not having excess packaging and other shite that I have to recycle in the first place would be helping to save the planet.

Great bottles, but don’t believe the hype.

4 thoughts on “One Green Bottle”

  1. Looks identical to the Chinese-made “h2onya” bottle:

    – even has the same useless sports cap with no valve. Don’t know about you, but my suck-power isn’t strong enough to deflate steel bottles…

    I’m considering a switch back to an ultralightweight, reusable, tap-filled evian bottle :-( At least I won’t get lectured at by their website…

  2. Looks like a product that’s trying too hard to me ; ) I’ll stick to my Siggy for now. Nice little jacket tho! The orange one looks like the kind of pop bottle that’s full of the stuff that makes kids giddy.

  3. There’s a whole bunch of folk branding up these bottles, they are good kit.
    I’ve got an Onya one in the post as we speak, a 750ml curvy one in purple :o)

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