OMM Kamleika Smock ’09

Yes, yes, I’ve seen them! Stop it with the emails already…

I saw the samples of the new range a few months back down at OMM’s secret Lakeland bunker (Mike Parsons modelling the smock below) and it’s killer stuff. The new Gelanots fabric has a closer knit outer to absorb less water and has an inner coating now to feel better against bare skin. The pocket moving to the outside, the water resistant zips and the jazz styling bring it it up to date. The jacket version is the same, much more alpine in style now with the two welded chest pockets and it has the same new sharp look.

So, it looks cool, it does feel better to handle, still like a softshell, but more substantial than before. Despite the added features, the weights are staying pretty constant. There’s a few tweaks coming for the production version, the hood will be better for example, and I think the Kamleika kit should now step out of the fell-racer, don’t care what I look like bracket and into the better world of good kit available for everybody.

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  1. The scoop aye, I’ve no idea what I’m supposed to say and when I’m allowed to say it anymore, so…
    The troos, there’s two different versions, the as-is versions will be available again soon enough and there’s a second version with a zip-fly, crampon patches and either an intergral belt or belt loops. They’ve got a more regular cut to go over mountain clothing rather than racing tights.
    I’ve tested those along with a similar specced jacket, they’ll be further down the line though.

    It’s all good stuff. As is all the other stuff in the works…

  2. Ooh, troos with a winter slant…. :)

    But, oh, the fresh dilemma – I’m just gearing up to go for a pair of Cioch customised salopettes! ;O)

  3. I don’t suppose you know if the new ‘winter troos’ will have an internal gaiter?

    It’s something I consider essential but most manufacturers don’t :-(

    It’s probably why I’m still wearing bombproof keela sallies in winter…

  4. The sample i played with, and PTC saw did NOT have an internal gaiter, and loking back at our emails it was not on the agenda either…so in short i think not.

  5. Cioch very, very nice. No stretch but you really do get very good movement with the tailoring.

    Fun colour options too although I must admit I eventually got my trousers/ jacket in black with yellow trim. Very dull of me :)

    Bright yellow trousers would certainly be different….

  6. Oh, mine’ll definitely be black Martin :)

    I think I’ll still end up getting the Ciochs since for skiing (well, for the falling over part of it) the high waist is a godsend. Only now I may end up with (yet more) Kamleikas for less technical winter stuff.

    I’ve used Paramo salopettes for all my ski touring for about 10 years – they’re still going strong if looking a little tired, but they were always a bit big for me. I got measured up at Cioch back in March, but it hasn’t seemed worth ordering until at least autumn is approaching. (As it happens the pair they could show me (in for some repairs) were bright red – not quite me! ;)

    The slight pain is that Cioch do some nice features that Paramo don’t, but also don’t do some nice features that Paramo do! I think I’ll have to go without closed cell foam knee patches which are brilliant for kneeling in the snow to fiddle with gear.

  7. Aye, like Gucci says, there was no mention of an internal gaiter.
    Orange zips, yes. There was a strong lobby there.

    I talked to Cioch a while back, but nothing came of it. I like the idea of their kit, but I’d tweak it a good bit of I was to order some up.
    However, Paramo have a jacket even lighter than the Velez thing I had on test coming up, and Finisterre have new models to. Non-membrane is Go!

  8. I like that photie sbrt!

    The redesign did take into account all the feedback, so it is a much better bit of kit.
    Looking forward to the size large landing in August.

  9. August was the last date I heard aye. I’ve got a feeling that’ll slip back though!
    The smock will be £110 and the jacket will be £130.
    The pants are due back in at the same time and will be £95.

  10. They’ll surely be out in time for the race anyway?

    I’m looking forward to it, it should be all the good and none of the bad from the previous versions.

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