OMM Exclusive #3, Adventure Light 20L

This is a brand new pack, it sort of replaces the Running Light in the line up. But in the same way that the Supermarine Spitfire replaced the Sopwith Camel. It has a capacity of 20 litres, it’s very light at 480g as seen above or 380g set up for a flying lap, and it’s got stuff on it that your Lowehaus Facebak Adventure Boy school bag can only dream of.

At first glance it’s got the clean lines of the OMM Classics, but updated and tweaked. It has the single buckle lid with pocket, hip fins with pockets but then we start to move into new territory. The side pockets have been angled forward and shaped for easy use with bottles, the harness has been revamped and there’s no edge binding on the shoulder straps for better comfort. The chest strap has also been changed to a regular strap attachment rather than the previous slider type, so it’s removeble and easier repaired in the field. Still got the whistle buckle on there of course.

The top photie shows the pack with the “Light” version of the Multi Sport Compressor. The regular version that comes with the Villain, Jirishanca and Mountain Mover has a pocket, the Light version is a simple mesh flap attached securely by buckles and velcro that gives you storage and pack compression. It’s also removeable as you’ll see below. That reveals more reflective printing and the bungee compression cord. There’s a vertical daisy chain at the top of the main body of the pack, on the inside and outside, which lets you attach gear including a hydration bladder. This means that you can stick your bladder on the outside under the MSC and you don’t sacrifice any pack volume, but it’s still secure. If you do stick it on the inside, there’s four exits for the hose. Two regular, and two for under-arm hose routing. This is great for winter as it exposes less hose to icy blasts which leave you shrivelled faced and google eyed as you try and suck ice cubes down your hose. It’s good for biking as well as it’s much less obtrusive, and water or Nuun as it usually is for me these days doesn’t drain back into the blader so readily meaning it’s a less of a sook to get a drink. The exit is next to the light blue label next to the bottle in the right hand photie below.










 The Trio pouch attaches front and back, you’ll see again on the right hand photie there’s female buckle halves already sewn on to accept the Trio. The back system is a simple foam pad which you can always swap for a Duomat for your race sleep-mat or for sitting in/on in a hastily dug snow shelter (as I discovered last winter). There’s a new mesh lumbar section which will help sweaty backs and reduce abrasion on your clothing.

This is representative of the styling of the new OMM packs, as well the new modularity and functionality. It looks good, OMM’s shaking off some of those cobwebs I think. I’ll be back with back with more news when I’ve got it dirty.


9 thoughts on “OMM Exclusive #3, Adventure Light 20L”

  1. That looks sweeeeeet! I already have a Villain and Jiri but I need another bag right? I mean, I need a smaller one right, just for biking don’t I?!

  2. “It does give you a nice neat 15 litres (ish) between all your packs if you get one :o)”

    Try explaining that to the wife though.

  3. This looks NIIIIIIICE!, I’m away to drag my Deuter day pack over sharp rock untill I can justify one of these to the missus ;)

  4. I can confirm it is looking very good. The side pockets are perfect and hold a bottle(and camers) very securely. It sits low enough on my back for using on the mountain bike as well.


  5. I love the look of this pack – I would like to use it for adventure racing/trail running. How stable are bottles in the side pockets when running (hard)?

  6. Oh Yeeeeeaaaah! Its landed! and very nice it is too ;o)

    I went for a quick run yesterday with mine loaded up with full day hiking kit including a wee Ti mug and stove set up for hot drinks and a full 3 litre bladder.

    It carries very well and I found it very stable. I really like the bottle holders, which for once on a pack I own actuallly work while on the move. (with all the bits on its still a good 350g lighter than my other daysack)

    the only thing I notice is that my aquagear filter bottle was slipping up a little in the pocket but the sack was fully loaded and the bottle is straight with no curve. A little length of dyneema and a mini carbiner should stop me losing it.

    My “Ultimate Driection” water botle is fine and stable and I bet the “OMM” one will be perfect.

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