OMM Exclusive #1, Trio Chest Pouch

The OMM chest pouch has been a revelation to me and many others since it was released at the beginning of last year. I’ve used one on almost all of my backpacking trips, and on many day trips as well. It carries a stack of kit, it’s stable and comfortable enough for walking, running and I’ve even used it for mountain biking when doing hike-a-bikes. The size is just right for it to be unobtrusive, and it’s light as well. It’s just so bloody convenient, so it’s become vital kit for me.

This new version addresses some of the issues raised by users of the first version. It demonstrates that OMM listen to feedback, and also can react quickly when changes are necessary. The Trio, as it’s now called, attaches differently. It has adjustable bungeed hooks at the bottom which will attach to something on your pack, it’s a better system than the plain loops of before. The new ’09 spec OMM packs have elastic waist strap retainers that line up perfect with the hooks. The top end has lost the straps and now has cords, but it still has a quick release buckle with a velcro tab on one side. It’s less obtrusive when worn, but still as functional. Also there will be no more cries of “My top straps are too long” that will be familiar to many users of OM. The zip now has a flap over it to slow down water ingress. It has a capacity of 4 litres and it weighs 150g, which is hee haw.

The map sleeve now has a mesh cover with stud fastening at the bottom. The previous version could give you a square of sweat on your person where the plastic was. This should help combat that, it should also help with stability as it’s not slidey, but also not abrasive so it should move around less on your body when you’re going sideways at speed.

This is part of OMM’s integration plan for their gear. The Trio fits on your chest, but it also fits onto the front panel of OMM packs to give you an external pack pocket. The new spec OMM packs have buckles in place to allow this. I’ve tried it with the new Adventure Light and it works very well. More of this aspect as time goes on.

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  1. Nice to see user feedback being incorporated into the new design. Any idea when they might make it into the shops?

  2. Nice one, Petsey. My wife was unable to get hold of one of these (new) for my birthday in January, but I managed to get one second hand via OM forum recently. It is one of those items you really have to try out in the field – difficult to suss out in the front room!
    So its first outing was a short walk from Littleborough up onto the Pennine Way and back down into Summit on Sunday. Yes, you’re right, a sweat patch does occur around the map area, the straps feel like they’re a bit too long, and it can be a faff to get off; but what an amazingly handy and otherwise well designed piece of kit…. basically, it is *so* OMM, isn’t it?
    Whilst I’m not likely to get the new version, it is really cool to (in my case ‘immediately’) see these small design glitches addressed.
    This, with the 10L sack is just perfect for me on a day’s walk out in Derbyshire.

  3. Those look a good idea – I think I’ll get one. On feedback and the fact OMM listen. Please tell them to make backpacks in longer back lengths for 6’2 folks like me.

  4. holdfast, they should be in the shops imminently.

    JamesB, both old and new versions will fit other packs. I’ve used mine with OMM packs, Macpac, Gregory, Haglofs and Karrimor with no problems. There’s always something to attach it to and there’s enough adjustment on the pouch to make it work.

    Baz and Martin, ongoing development is at the heart of what they’re doing. The product range is already pretty wide and it’s expanding, some new products for this year and next will have other makers slapping their heads and going “Doh!”.

    And yes, they know about the back size thing. Both shorter and longer would be ideal. It’s one of the most common questions I get about the Villain.

  5. I remember reading that on OM, and it was so hard not to give the game away. That’s the curse of kit testing, the weight of secrets :o0

    The one I’ve got here is a production version and the build quality is great. I can already tell it’s going to be my best pal.

  6. PTC,

    I hope they do the Villain 45 + 10RL MSC in a longer back length. Looks such a good pack and with one of those chest packs I would be set for any length of walk…I do like the LIM55 – but I would like to have a go with the Villain. Lets hope hey.

    PS, you got a bad weather forecast yet?

  7. Martin, the weather’s rubbish just now, if I’m lucky it’ll last ’til the weekend :o)

    The was a run of Mountain Movers with a longer back length which all went to Tiso’s, they were slightly larger in capacity as well.
    but there’s won’t be a longer backed Villain quite yet, but all the comments get back to OMM and they know folk are wanting one.

  8. I wait in hope and it gives me time to save up as well. Hope the weather gives you what you need to test that tent out at last.

    Safe hiking.

  9. No chance, I’ve tried loads and he’s out playing in the hills, I need my Honey Stingers!!!!

    I ‘ve got the original pouch fitted to my GoLite Jam, works ace, The long top straps velcro round the haul loop, and then pass down the bladder tube bungee things. The bottom elastics fit the waistbelt as normal. I reversed the clips on the top strap that are attached to the pouch, so they hang down the back of the pouch instead of the front.

    I tried on a Vilain yesterday, I like all the layout (perhaps the lid should be detachable, and I do like the front pocket on my Jam) but just like my Jam, I found the back length too short, I can’t get it to take any weight on my hips, and I’m only 5’11”.

    I tried on an Osprey Talon 44, which is a similar size and weight to the OMM pack. The back length is adjustable, only problem was I could just feel the straps rubbing my sticky-out collar bone (though this was already sore from my Jam rubbing it for 2 days) I’ll try it on again later, could be the one for me, unless OMM do bring out a long Vilain.

  10. The word from the man on long back lengths…

    It the same situation as we’ve seen with womens fit Haglofs pants, it’s all down to the retailers. If the retailers will order stock, they’ll get produced.
    But, if they were freely available folk would buy them, Carch 22?

    Mr F&L is just back from climbing An Teallch. I’m not bitter at all.

  11. Can anyone see anything about the 09 spec packs & the new chest pouch on the OMM website? surely thats where the news of new gear should be appearing 1st.
    That aside i do like PTC’s ability to get the info on here first.

  12. You’re right ades, T’m a bit ahead of the game here!
    The OMM kit I’ve got on here should be available from the second week of August onwards.
    The rest of the ’09 spec stuff will follow on, the Villain will be back in September and there’s all sorts of brand new wonders on the way as well.

    There’s changes at OMM which will make getting a hold of the kit easier and the OMM site will get updated when the new spec stuff is in the shops.

    I’m currently packed and I’m heading out with the Adventure Light after a cuppa :o)

  13. I think OMM could without much if any weight penalty incorperate some sort of non sweaty back system,osprey have proved it can be done.
    Enjoy your walk PTC.

    By the way,ever had any kind of tick/insect bite requiring some medicine?

    See my posting today on lfto in the Trail general forum.

  14. Good grief. I know a couple of people who’ve had Lymes and recoverd fully, all will be well.

    Still, what a bastard that is.

    On a minor note, the partial mesh covering being introduced on the OMM back system makes a good difference it turns out.

  15. Well with a little pestering I’ve managed to ‘bag’ one of these little updated beauties. Should be here in time for the weekend’s festivities. Unfortunately the weather forecast is r-u-bish.

  16. Alright!

    Let us know how you get on with it, that’s probably the first of one of those out there that you’ve got :o)

  17. Your preview came out the week I was going to buy one of the originals. When I was told that the new version wouldn’t be available for a couple of months I thought ‘Sod it’ and ordered the original. Whilst that one is on its way I had a phone call from another web shop saying that they had three of the new ones in and would I like one. To cut a long story short me and my brother ended up with a chest pouch each for our weekend away in the woods. How did we ever manage without one before! They are SO useful and easy to use. OTMA indeed! The small differences between the two models are apparent (especially the mesh back panel, very useful for people who ‘run hot’ like me) but to be honest the concept as a whole is brilliant. Thanks for the info PTC!

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