OMM event 2009 Location and booking are go!

Last year in the Lakes it was rain and wind followed by mass media hysteria, tears and snotters. The only tragedy was the belittlement of the skill, endurance and spirit of those competing in the minds of the sofa bound public.

So, this year in Wales what will happen? Book your place to make it a classic and spit in the eye of the naysayers.

Press Release:



The Original Mountain Marathon (OMM) was founded 40 years ago with the concept of holding a 2-day mountain orienteering race with two consecutive marathons of 26 miles (42km) and a height gain of up to 8,000ft (2400m). It was the world’s first venture of this kind and indeed a whole new type of sport called “adventure racing” has evolved from it. The competitors must use a combination of navigation, mountain and equipment skills. They come from all walks of life and are vetted for their ability and experience in the mountains, and take part as a team of two for safety. Teams are often described as fell runners but most have a broad range of mountaineering experience ranging from military (including “Special Forces”) to outdoor instructor professionals and some of the UK’s most renowned adventurers including previously the likes of the late Chris Brasher, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, John Disley and Alan Hinkes. They carry a tent, sleeping bag, spare clothing, food for 36 hours and other essential equipment to be self-sufficient in the hills.


Organisers have announced that the location for the 2009 Original Mountain Marathon will be Wales.  The exact location is to be kept secret till August to prevent competitors from training in the area before the event.


A spokesman for the event said that after the media storm last year they were expecting the applications to increase significantly.  He also emphasised that the nature of the event would not be affected and would continue to offer an exceptional challenge to it’s competitors.


Registration for the event can be done online at

17 thoughts on “OMM event 2009 Location and booking are go!”

  1. This is my dilemma, I keep getting asked to do it and I keep ducking the question.
    It’ll happen at some point, but who want’s to partner a fat 40 year old who’s handy with a map and runs like a drunken sailor in a crash diving submarine…

  2. I might stand accused as one of those naysayers. Truth is I took exception to the dismissal of help by some when the event was literally getting washed away before them. I recall a long discussion with Pod caster Bob on Andy Howell’s blog. Go for it. I don’t object to the OMM. I just hope they have learnt from last year.

  3. Ban it, that’s what I say! Why waste tax payers money funding all those mountain rescues when it should be spent properly on looking after people that deserve it. Imagine how many extra staff you’d be able to employ in inner city hospitals on a Saturday night to look after the headaches and vomiting of hard working binge drinkers.
    These OMM loonies get everything they deserve.

  4. Well I’m definitely doing the LAMM again, but yet to decide if we’ll do the OMM this year. I kind of suspect the publicity of last year will attract a load of ‘thrill-seekers’ to the OMM this year, who have no real idea what they are letting themselves in for.

    Ptc – you need to go for it. Its tough tough going but its actually more to do with hill and navigation skills than fitness, and the feeling of going through finish line is indescribable.

  5. Yay! I’m reckoning on the Elan Valley and forestry west of Rhayader – lovely boggy terrain :-)
    You should come and visit us in Wales, ptc*!

  6. What’s the matter Petesy? Are you chicken?

    Being “a fat 40 year old” is no excuse … ah! wait a minute … I feel a flaw in my argument coming …

  7. In answer to your question PTC* how about a none to thin 38 year old who runs like a drunk chicken but can also read a map?!

    Having just bought a Macpac Race Amp as OMM doesn’t (yet) fit at least I have a suitable rucsac and I’d promise not to bring my Lightwave ;-)

  8. Aye.

    I’ll probably have to do it. There’s an interesting element of money-where-my-mouth-is with the gear angle.
    Wales though? It’s a hell of a drive back. Kate can I camp in your garden?

    Ach, I’ll probably have the cold anyway…

  9. You’ll have to scratch distance as an excuse – I have been known go to the Cairngorms from the Cotswolds for the weekend…

    …a cold on the other hand is a totally different thing!

  10. Go for it Pete. Surely a braw Scot like you can manage our Mountains (not sure about the sheep though)- and they say it’s going to be a better summer and autumn than last year. Who “they” are and whether they know what they’re talking about is another matter. Anyway – stop putting it off – another year gone, another year older. And think of those beautiful Welsh mountains – just waiting for the Petesy footfall. Y Ddraig Goch ddyry gychwyn! Go on – or I’ll chase you with my spirtle!

  11. Chased with a spirtle, now that sounds like an episode of the Broons.

    Wales is waiting…we’ll see. My legs were not on form today, they’ll need work if i’m to gad about in a racey fashion.

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