Oinkuss Pie

I’ve been stuck in the hoose all weekend, when I should have been in Glen Coe. Under pressure of time and thinking of getting in an invoice, I lifted an item using poor technique on Friday and I felt something go in my upper back. It felt like pulling apart a McCowans toffee bar that had been heated in the sun.
A lifetime of moving heavy stuff undone in a moment of distraction. So, lying flat in front of the telly and meekly asking “Cuppas… cuppas… please…” has been the programme of events. Looks like nice weather out there too. Painkillers ago-go and doctor tomorrow if there’s no improvement.
Funny though, I haven’t been on a big trip for a few weeks and it has me feeling a little melancholy. That last trip to Sgurr nan Ceathremhnan was magical, it was more than I could have hoped for, and somehow it’s been enough for me for the past wee while. It’s like it was last flat Revel in the bag, I want to hold onto the flavour in case the next one’s a coffee.
At the same time, I’m desperate to get out and watch the sun set from a tent. The evenings are beautiful just now.
Ach what the hell. Maybe it should all be a little beyond my reach sometimes.

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  1. Flat Revels… the only one I like. I can remember you used to get a pack of sweeties that were all flat revels or minstrels without the crispy shell in a white packet? But that’s got nothing to do wi sare backs or mountains. Hope this isnae your attempt to get out of the Falldoon! :o)

  2. Counters they were called, with different wee animals on the packets. They kicked Cabury’s Button’s ass.

    I’ll be fine, they can duct tape me onto the bike if it comes to it…

  3. Them’s the ones! d’you know I’ve been trying to remember what they were called for ages and ages! I knew it was galaxy chocolate though. 3p a pack! ha ha, they’d be about 50p now and be much wee-er. I used to get a pack of them from our Post Office at lunch time (that was the only shop that had a good selection of sweeties). Counters, 5p pickled onion Meanies and a cola cup juice thing they used to sell with wee red straws that in the summer they put in the freezer and turned them into ice tubs! Lunch time sweeties. Then i’d get 20p from my Granda to buy Panini football stickers! :o) I’ve always been a tomboy, ha ha. Ah the memories…

    Aye duct tape or superglue, that’ll hold ye.

  4. Chin up old boy !
    I too am hurting but I guess mine is supposed to be a “Good” pain.
    Active rest is what you need dude, dont let the doc tell you that you have to stationary on your back for 6 weeks !
    Its all changed now.

  5. Ange, my local shop was similarly stocked. For me it was in the 70’s though…

    Bobinson, I shall hear of the race during the week, well done.
    I’ll be back on active duty tomorrow, I’ll see how it plays out. I’m pretty sure it’s better than it was yesterday, I’m not as tingly down my arms.

  6. Doing the write up now !
    As with Martin I look forward to a view like that but just need to flip a switch in my head into hill mode and not bike mode.
    Unless I can combine the 2 ????????

  7. Guys, it’s doing the same to me!
    I’m doing a route for the January Trail while I’m stuck inside, and that shot’s one from the folder I’m using. It’s on Beinn Narnain looking north about a year or so ago I think?
    A great day that was too, I remember running down the track in the morning as all the folk were starting out in the blazing sunshine hoping to catch the fast clearing inversion.
    Happy days :o)

  8. Cosy awesomeness springs to mind !
    You could just ditch the sleeping bag and have booties. pants,jacket and mits on.
    Do they do a down hat ? you get them to make up a ear flappy Deputy Dog style one !

  9. “I knew he meant troosers and no pants!”
    Tha sounds a bit like “fur coat and nae knickers”.

    The down pants if they’re light are ideal for bike and running trips, it means lighter overnight/camp gear and you can still wear shorts in cold weather on the move.
    It’s an interesting concept.

  10. Ok I’m just going to shut up now :o)
    interesting concept indeed. It might look like a shell suit though! Oh jeez….

  11. Silly boy for pulling a muscle, ptc*. I pulled a muscle in mine a few weeks ago changing the bedsheet :-( Better now though.
    Flat revels are excellent, though I’d find it tough to choose between orange ones and flat ones. I miss the coconut ones though.

  12. Commiserations on the weekend. Cabin fever is not a good thing. Having to move house took a major chunk of summer and left us with too big a gap between trips :(

    Rectifying it now though – Moelwyns wildcamp last weekend, Ben Venue yesterday…. and today we’re sitting in Aberfoyle watching it mizzle like stair-rods! ;O)
    Heading out to get dripped on in the woods shortly :))

  13. Down troos?

    Will that be for adding a season or so (in combo with a down vest or jacket) to the PHD mountain bags, which are supposedly cut a bit looser for wearing such garments?

    I presume that they will be a bit lighter than the current combo of merino leggings and fleecy tracksters!!

    Bad luck about the back, BTW

  14. Thinking positive… ‘Your back will be better!’ – Sending you some good energy.

    Try and find someone local who does Tui Na – Deep Chinese Massage. Works every-time for me.

    Good luck.

  15. Bless you people. The nausea and panic accompanying any back movement has subsided, so I feel I’m on the right track. I have caught up on my DVD watching quite impressively these past days!

    Massage, yes. I’ll cautiously google that later.

    Down pants, I’ll need to see the weight and format, but they shouild be a good bag booster as well as camp/race wear. Could be a bit of niche kit that actually does have wide appeal?
    I’m looking forward to this winter, the test kit is so diverse this year.

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