Oh My Goodness

The fastest five years of my life, but one full of joy and memories made of glitter, pritt stick and felt tipped pens with lost lids. Holly was 5 today and my little girl is growing up.

There’s been fun and games all day and she weathered it all very well, only coming close to meltdown at bedtime. Presents were many, but Dad saved his special surprise for last. Below is the theatre lobby roll-out banner for out favourite movie, Holly now has to find somewhere to hang the one I managed to get for her. It’s bloody huge.
The cake was a home-made DunBroch Castle in banana and chocolate sponge with all the Brave cast present in miniature and the wee party at Granny’s was strung together with Tinkerbell and various mermaids too.
She’s growing up fast aye, but it’s just so much fun on the way.

3 thoughts on “Oh My Goodness”

  1. “but it’s just so much fun on the way” – indeed it is isn’t it! Sounds like she had a good time.
    Number one daughter was 7 last week and a cake in homage to Tangled was the order of the day. Who said Disney was taking over the workd ;-)
    On the up side we celebrated the day by walking up a “mountain” in the Lakes (in the rain).

  2. It’s great stuff. She’s burst today, the cold won out over wanting to tell her pals all about her new kit so she’s been on Granny’s couch all day.
    That’s the life.

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