Oh Michty Me!

A drive back from anywhere far away regardless of how good being there was bursts my arse. But then I hate driving on many plains of its existence. Operating any piece of machinery for an extended period is rubbish, but driving renders you physically imobile as well. If it wasn’t for trying decide if I really do like the new Slipknot album or not, or the effects of my still lingering cold giving me a snot control regime to distract me the I may spiralled into the scenery. Well no, but I’d have been in a worse humour certainly.

A day in the Lakes is quite a rarity for me at anytime, and this was a rarer day again. A good day with good folks, banter, cuppas and technical fabrics.
I’ve always said that I like the new and the what’s next: the results of clever people trying their best to raise the bar when designing and manufacturing kit and getting it past the short sighted, dullard store buyers so we get to see it. If what I’ve seen on paper and heard in the enthusiastic voices of its creators doesn’t make it to the racks then there’s no justice and we deserve to drown under the piles of baggy, poorly realised, casually styled, under specified bollocks that line every surface of the chains stores right now.

It was also my only real activity this week, a wee cough having given me a week off.

5 thoughts on “Oh Michty Me!”

  1. A day in the Lakes is good any time. Walking or just being there. Good to be close to the hills. As for the cough, it reminds me that the damp cold of Autumn is around the corner. Bit slower coming down South than the harsh North. Take care

  2. Speaking of the Lakes,gear and chains I was in Keswick at the weekend getting a new shell. It was lovely to go to an independant (Rathbones) and get good solid friendly non pushy advice and help. Purchase made i wandered across the road to Cotswolds ‘cos, well,it’s there…,the important matter in hand there was a heated discussion to change the music to something more ‘funky’.

  3. Martin we’ve had frost, we’ve got red leaves :o)

    adi, I used to love Rathbones. They always had a great selection of Karrimor in the old days. It’s always good to see so many independants going strong in the Lakes.
    The Costwold in Glasgow often has metal coming out its speakers :o)

  4. “Trying to decide if I really do like the new Slipknot album or not”. A rhetorical question I hope. Surely its nu-metal shite?!

  5. This new one has an element of that, aye. Nine of them in there and I can only really hear a slightly uninspired four-piece nu-metal band.

    I’ll get the new Metallica album at some point as well…

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