14 thoughts on “Oh, I really hope they haven’t screwed it up.”

  1. The trouble with prequels is that, in general, you know that a fair number of key characters have to be there at the end, regardless of the severity of the shoot-out/battle/twist in the plot, or they wouldn’t be in the later stuff that, erm, came before. Let’s just hope that the storyline ties in with all of the stuff that we’ve grown up with.

    Damn – I’ve got that bloody song in my head again:

    There may be Tribbles ahead,
    but while theres moonlight and musi…

    AAARRRGGGHHH! For pity’s sake, shoot me now!

  2. 8th May, I think. I can’t wait either!
    It looks terrific, that evil Sylar bloke looks like he’s Leonard Nimoy’s son; I thought Simon would be like a round Pegg in a round hole as Scotty, and apparently Karl Urban is spookily like De Kelley.
    Phasers on stun!

  3. May, I’ll be a nervous wreck by then. So excited.

    As BG says above, will they remember the continuity? The audience sure as hell will :o)

  4. Well, I understand the enemy is a Romulan. But they don’t know what Romulans look like til they catch leaking video feed from the Romulan ship in series 1 episode Balance of Terror….
    (Do I come across as a Trekkie?)

  5. Why? WHY? No really, why?
    Why do they do this? Why do this at all?

    Is there no originality left in the world? (save this blog, obviously)

    Just ignore me, I’m cranky as I’m still trying to shake the last remnants of the Flu from a couple of weeks ago – no doubt I’ll see and love it, but why do it? Tell me?

  6. I have missile already loaded to fire into the remake of Pelham 123, but Star Trek gets the benefit of the doubt as it’s a prequel. Yes, like The Phantom Menace…
    However, if the characters have been re-imagined there will be burning torches and the sound of marching feet from the townspeople.

  7. When JJ Abrams kicks off a press conference with “I’ve never been a fan of ‘Star Trek,’”, folk might get worried.

    On the up side, he took the familiar Godzilla story and gave us Cloverfield which was surprisingly good. TV-wise, Alias, and now Fringe, both excellent.

    Down side is Lost which I gave up on a couple of weeks into Season 2.

    I think I’m officially astride the fence on this one :o)

  8. Zachary Quinto is an inspired choice for Spock. He just looks the part. I dont care about reproducing the past, I just want the franchise to continue forever. I was gutted when enterprise finished

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