Odlo Evo Warm L/S Zip Neck

They guys at Escape Route in Pitlochry said  I should test Odlo as they’ve been wearing it, so here we have the first test kit in from the Swiss brand.

That fabric zoning on the Evo Zip Neck is something we’ve become used to, it’s not scary any more. It just means that we’re expecting a little more from the kit, we should be drier, more comfortable and of course, smell sweeter.
The Evo is a winter base layer, it’s adding some warmth, it has a close fit, with great length on the torso and arms. The neck is a good height and the zip has a baffle and zipper garage to protect my manly hairness from tear-inducing plucking.
Seams are minimal, the arms are sewn on and seamed themselves, but the b0dy is seamless. It has a nice soft feel when worn and has plenty of stretch, so there’s no restriction to movement. There’s a nice wide waistband which looks as if it’ll keep the top from riding up and it’ll layer well under winter weight kit.
The zoning on the back (below) looks right to me, it does look like the fabric has been designed as much for movement as for moisture and temperature management.
However, all theory for now. I’ll report back soon.

7 thoughts on “Odlo Evo Warm L/S Zip Neck”

  1. saw some of their gear in ambleside today, some of it looked quite impressive, unfortunately all we came away with was a rather nice stripy green haglofs beanie for her indoors

  2. mmmm beanies!!! this one is some sort of primaloft stay warm cotton or something, don’t think she was interested in the tech side of it some how…

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