Nutcracker Soldier

The village was a bustling port at one time, and from the sea-lock (boats could leave the canal basin directly into the river) for a few hundred yards towards Old Kilpatrick there was a boardwalk where steamers could dock. When I was young the remains were much more substantial that the lonely black timbers that point somberly from the water today, but it’s perhaps all the more atmospheric for that. I see my past here and a past that had grown old and faded before I was born.
Ah the passage of time, always something to stir thoughts and feelings.

This evening the water’s edge was at its best, the colours, the biting cold, the somewhat aggressive looking swan. It’s a no-horse town where I live, but damn it’s got its moments.

This just in: The Morning After.

8 thoughts on “Nutcracker Soldier”

  1. Very familiar Pedro when I was a kid I used to fish on the pier and wonder over those old wreaks. Nice one dude.

  2. Hi Nick!
    Long time since I fished, used to do that with my uncle in the basin and along the canal. Wrecks are all gone now, well, the old ones, quite a few new ones appearing…

  3. I like the shots chap – some nice colours in there.

    Talking of the passage of time and the emotions it tugs on – I was playing a Rush CD the other day (Hold Your Fire) which was the first CD I ever bought and my ex was pregnant with my lad at the time… it always makes me wistful for some reason. Anyhoos, there’s a bit that goes…

    Summer’s going fast, nights growing colder
    Children growing up, old friends growing older
    Freeze this moment a little bit longer
    Make each sensation a little bit stronger

    … and it struck for the first time that it’s no longer just a literal summer to winter transition anymore, there’s actually one going on in my life now. I’m 45, my son’s the same as I was when I bought that CD and it’s starting to feel like I’m in that glorious month in August when you realise it’s getting darker at night. My old friends are growing older, there’s more than one in their fifties now.

    It’s good to look around and see time passing, there’s always a beauty to the future calling from a worn out past I reckon.

  4. That same song has the same effect on me, the words have a rare feel of personal insight through them.

    Time gives scale and meaning, it adds depth and resonance to everything. Still feels like I’m fighting it every day though.

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