Nothing new under the sun

The crags were in very good form, the evening light can bring the best out of them. The ground glows deep orange and brown as spring although threatening hasn’t arrived with its green flood of colour. Maybe it’s waiting for winter? We all are.

Flasks and wraps, gloves and hats, dinner with a view. We couldn’t count the number of times we’ve been at the crags but I remember the first time Linda and I held hands here. It was a natural gesture for us, an unconscious affirmation of that easy flow across from friends to where were are and always will be.
If ever a place was the perfect venue for something so small and so big, it’s here.

The sun had a little warmth in it, and when it sank away the cold had been waiting and pounced on us. Winter is till holding onto the night. Try harder, I know you can do it.

It’s been a joy tracking Jupiter and Venus as the spin across the sky ever closer. I downloaded another app to help with saying what we see. My poor battery.

Cold hands, not due to the fine array of gloves I’ve just written up, but I’d let them chill too much before I layered up. But we were home soon and the kettle was on.

Nothing new. But that’s just fine.


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