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That’s the joy of the internet, as well as being able to find stuff, folk can find you too. US tent manufacturer Big Sky recently got in touch after seeing my tent reviews in Trail. We’ve sorted out some test kit, and their Revolution 1P will be on it’s way shortly, followed later in the year by more hopefully.

The Revolution pitches as one and the poles are external, so it looks good for Scottish weather. Indeed that very point came up in conversation when we were looking at the models, they don’t reckon single-skin is as good in damp climates. We all know that sleeping in a single skin shelter is playing condensation roulette, but I don’t remember hearing many manufacturers expressing that opinion without prompting.
It’ll be interesting, something completely new is always good.

8 thoughts on “Note to self”

  1. Nah, I believe that they’re’s elite test team, and as such booked up well in advance.

    I just spotted that it’s a Coleman tent that they’re looking puzzled by.

  2. I note that they don’t bother supplying guy lines or pegs.

    I like their style. Rather than providing an insufficient number of inadequate pegs to keep the ‘gee whizz’ weight down (which you then chuck for a full compliment of heavier items), they don’t give you any at all!

    I wouldn’t think the stability of a ‘narrow dome’ would be great if the wind got side on, so I thought a few guys would be a must.

    Lots of mesh and a bit short as well (especially without vertical ends), but certainly worth a look for the head height, internal space, porch space, couble doors and, of course, weight

  3. That lack of what we think are essentials seems to be a widespread US malady. The Golite, Black Diamond, MSR and even the TNF tents on test had pretty much F/A included.
    I’ll test pitch the Revolution when it gets hear and lean on it and see what it does, but aye, I think there’ll be guys going on it.

    I’ll be feeding back to them, so I’ll flag up all the issues that come up.

    I really like the idea of sitting on the tops with both doors open, snug in my sleeping bag with a cuppa. We shall see how that one turns out!

  4. You would certainly be able to sit er… fully erect with that much headroom.

    On reflection, I’m not sure why the narrow dome shouldn’t be any less stable that a single traverse pole tent (e.g. Macpac Microlight or various Saunders), but you would need decent guying points.

  5. Size wise it looks good for me and with four guys attached it should be strong enough, but for a high exposed pitch only time will tell.
    It occurs to me that if the wind really gets up I could open both doors and let the wind go straight though like lorry driver do with their empty curtain-side trailers…

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