Not want a Zygon in my pocket

I think it’s good thing when you know yourself well, forewarned is forearmed. I’m very aware of my weaknesses, and all my character flaws have that yellow and black industrial warning tape around the edges so that if I’m going to reverse into them I’ve got a half a chance of stopping in time.
So when I decided to stop packing my rucksack and actually take the day to sit back and look at my toes wiggling in front of the telly, I knew there was a good chance of me slipping into some kind of obsessive and time consuming behaviour.
Aye, spent the entire day with the curtains shut playing the remake of the first Silent Hill game on my rather dusty PS2.
The first thing I knew of the real world was when the girls came back in the early evening and I was still in my shorts with a selection of empty mugs within easy reach of my bean bag. “No, I can’t have my dinner until I’ve reached a decent save-point…”.
I wonder how many steps away any of as are from being a crazy, shouting at the telly, yellow net curtains, bodily functions in a poly bag, overcoat that smells of milk, wearing tartan slippers to the shop to buy dog food when you don’t have a dog, loner.
Hopefully more than one or two anyway.

9 thoughts on “Not want a Zygon in my pocket”

  1. “Hopefully more than one or two anyway.” One: Wife or two: Wife+Child perhaps? :)

    Just being aware of the possibility and the “signs” is probably our best defence.

    Where did I put that old Half-Life CD…

  2. Aye, stopping the slide before it starts is always the best option.
    I’m glad the folk I know feel able to say to me: “You’re looking rough/tired/fat etc”.

  3. Having a day like that is almost theraputic but as you say, being pulled back from the brink by those that care keeps things right.

    Keep well my friend and don’t be feeling pressured by others demands – chill time

  4. I’ve also split my time with the Tom Weir reprints, so all is definitely well :o)

    However, I’m, already bored with Formula1 2010 after a dozen laps, so that fast moving cloud with the patches of blue out there is calling to me…

  5. “Aye, stopping the slide before it starts is always the best option.”

    A mental self arrest is often required these days. This weekend has been one for us also, consisting of a long lie in, retail therapy, a wee wander instead of a full on hill expedition and all washed down with a couple of pints of my mates first attempt at a home brew ale last night.

    Take care dude!

  6. I was minded there for a of Ivor Cutler’s Living Room series…updated with the PS2.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to your bounce back in due course and what creativity floods out after the rest up.

    It’s the blend of philosohpy and human interest (oh and the gear bit) that makes the PTC* site a must read.

    All the best!

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