Not so bad at all

I think I just missed the weekend. I thought I still had time, but no, it’s gone.
Activity was rescheduled and then cancelled for reasons which are too numerous to mention. A bit of a shame as the weather looked like fun for a bimble.
But, I got to hang out with the girls, I wrote up my Trail column as inspired by recent events, filled in some forms and stuck them in envelopes, charged batteries, and found and washed my purple Snow Peak mug which I hadn’t seen for two weeks.
Meanwhile, folk were wandering around in the dark or the snow.
It’s nice to read about other folks adventures, it’s some of the fun without the dirty washing and empty fuel tank in the motor.

7 thoughts on “Not so bad at all”

  1. Most unlike you not to get out on such a promising weekend! ;O)

    We took advantage of probably the snowiest weeekend I’ve seen in the Lakes for at least 3 years :) , and on Saturday wandered up Raise above Glenridding. The skiers were out in force including one chap shuffling precariously down an infeasibly steep and narrow gully (corniced above – no idea how he got into it!) I survived the whole excursion in the Icebug Speeds (great grip, but I need to fine-tune the fit), while MoS’s Microspikes made short work of all difficulties (no doubt the microspikes were more secure – but I had my studs all the time :)

    Sunday wasn’t such good weather but Aira Force was in full and spectacular flow.

    Oh, and we spend Saturday night in one of those wooden pod thingies on a campsite – very spacious and a good few degrees warmer than our tent has been recently – the verdict, nice for an occasional treat.

  2. I’ve got new Speed’s somewhere between Sweden and here, looking forward to having ones with some soles again!
    I had to play with socks a bit at first, the volume is quite big. Once I was dialled in it was bliss, never a bit of bother.

    It’s been nice to see folks getting out, that fact that I’m sitting saying “Ach, that looks like fun” means there’s still life in the old dog yet :o)

  3. ptc, you really ought to get out more :-)

    mattc, our paths probably crossed more than once this last weekend. Based in Patterdale, we went up Hart Side from Dockray on Saturday, and Great Mell Fell the day after.
    We could see the snowy clouds rolling over the ridge from Helvellyn to Raise, but they hardly reached us, so we had glorious sunshine and fantastic light for a good part of Saturday, and some uncharacteristically-deep snow to wade through. Hardly crampon work, though, more like snow-shoeing stuff.

  4. I know BG, people will say I’m a part timer :o)

    Bobinson, yes, yes, it’s in the “Coming Soon” bit to our right and up a bit.

  5. Great conditions in the Brecon Beacons too – the best winter for years down here. A friend of mine went ice-climbing just off the A470 main road from Merthyr to Brecon recently – something pretty unusual in the last couple of decades in South Wales!

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