Northern Alight

The north east of Scotland has no mountains except Bennachie, but it has beaches. It looks like I’ve become a beach bum, but that’s just coincidence, give me a couple of days or so, there’s something else cooking.
There’s plenty more great stuff up around there of course, including family for us, and that’s where we’ve been. A wedding, a golden wedding and much meeting and greeting.
And driving.

It all went well, there was a genuine joy threaded through it all with a poignancy too which needed no explanation on the day. Bonds forged or renewed, smiles genuine or borrowed, embraces warm or courteous and in amongst it all many folks that it was so good to see.
I was pleased and glad or both on many occasions through the visit and I won’t leave it so long again.

We did have time to hit the beach. Cold despite the sun and with a wind that whipped the dry sand grains across the beach like a psychotic twitching curtain. Glorious.

2 thoughts on “Northern Alight”

  1. No mountains?! Okay maybe not actual mountains (including Bennachie), but there are some fine hills. Have a google of the Cosmic Hillbasher’s 101s challenge.

    And the beaches are great too.

  2. The beaches are awesome. Just written up a beach trek for trail mag, more folk should explore rather than just visit summits they can tick off a list.

    That’s quite a calendar of meets that club runs, looks like a lot of fun.
    I’ll be trying a run this week, shh, don’t tell anyone.

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