Norlin’s Nightmare

A Gibson magazine supplement cover from the early 70’s. This is the world I want to live in.
Live in again I should say, just not be five years old.
Actually I liked being five in the early 70’s, Dave Edmonds’ I Hear You Knockin’ was my favourite song and the telly was great, so if I can just visit now and again that would be fine thanks.

4 thoughts on “Norlin’s Nightmare”

  1. Seems like an age since I last looked in on you. It’s been a year of mostly rock climbing and very little hills – hopefully the winter (if there is one) will cure that. Trouble is I’ve got all the kit I need now so I’m here for the nonsense, and bless you, you’ve delivered.

    I DO live in that world by the way (I’m a rock ‘n’ roll Walter Mitty). My personal favourites are the Fender ones from the 50’s where it’s perfectly reasonable to go surfing with a Stratocaster on your back. Think I’ll take one up The Ben this year.

    Also there’s nothing to stop you buying an afro wig. In fact I think you and Joycee should recreate the ad above and post the results.

  2. “very little hills” You and me both. It’s been Trail mag stuff and very little else the past few months, much of which has been sitting in the motor in the rain waiting for it to clear enough to get some photies, which it never did.
    However, back to back trips coming up over the next month and I can’t wait, Glen Coe and Kintail are first in line.

    I remember Dean had that poor lassie in a bikini playing her flying V in the sea as well, in fact thinking about it, was there not a lot of Dean versus underwear adverts? Bless them, should try that now and see what the reaction is.

    Guitar up a mountain? Coming to these pages soon, you’ll know what I mean when I say Wee Vee.

  3. 10/10 for that!

    I’ll be doing a post around that photie at some point I think, it’ll be entirely relevant as I do have a Dean V.
    I think, I might have ebayed it last year.

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