No, you can’t eat the chocolate decorations on the tree until all the decorations come down.

I used to get chocolate tool sets for Christmas in the 70’s, and chocolate smokers sets, even chocolate guns. I did become an engineer, but not a smoker or a cowboy/mercenary. However these things all disappeared, went out of fashion or got banned by the same toothless dogooder bastards that helped to build our current society which is largely devoid of personal accountability or responsibilty.
“It’s someones elses fault/concern/business”. Yes, because you’re shite.

However, my chocolate tool set is most definitely my favourite item from Santa’s sack. It’s got a shifter as you’ll see, and everything else that you could possibly need at work, or for DIY around the home.

Actually, now that I think about it, I’m sure there was a chocolate pirate set with barrels of rum in it.
See, we ate that stuff and had Black Sabbath playing at the Glasgow Apollo, The Sweeney on the telly and lead in our petrol. What have we got now? Haribo and the X Factor, and the latter causes more polution that the lead ever did.

14 thoughts on “No, you can’t eat the chocolate decorations on the tree until all the decorations come down.”

  1. It was either Haribo or picking on Cadbury for dropping their possesive apostrophie. It’s Cadbury these days not Cadbury’s.
    Too early for this line of enquiry, I’ll finish my tea…

  2. I’d dis Haribo out of choice. Especially as I used to work there during the summer as a child (ok teenager, the child labour laws had come into effect by then) and was constantly bitten by ticks that jumped off the pallets of liquorice, which came in from China. They also forced me to wander around the the streets of Pontefract dressed as “Hariboy”, giving out sweets to young children. Bastards.

    This was all in more innocent times you understand, before giving sweets to young children whilst dressed as an over-sized child with an over-sized head was deemed unacceptable!

  3. Pink Shrimps, yay! :-) Absolutely the worst thing about Woolies closing is the Pic n Mix (note lack of apostrophes round the ‘n’) – where will I get my Pink Shrimps?!

    And how come I never got a chocolate tool-box. Or chocolate cigarettes. Or a chocolate gun – now that would have been cool!

  4. Pink shrimps? I alway’s thought they were ‘ears’ when I got them in 10p mix ups!!

    Everyday is a schoolday!

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