No Outdoors, Sale Now On!

It’s going quite well. We got the heat exchanger nest out without losing tempers of fingers, we did flood the plantroom, but that’s kinda traditional. The drain was choked with shite so it didn’t empty and when we got the nest moving it just emptied onto the floor. My foot sticking out of the shell tells the story of Craig getting hold of the camera and me poking about inside to try and find out why.
Getting it back in was slightly more labour and swearing intensive as it wanted to roll as we pulled it in which it can’t do as the tubes have to match that huge tee-piece lying on the floor. And although very heavy indeed, it’s also quite fragile. Still, it’s in now, and no I’m not telling you how we did it.

Elsewhere the steam boiler maintenance is proceding apace, although the makeshift palletesque dining table is near impossible to get your legs under.
Working in plant rooms in this heat is horrendous though, tomorrow might be shorts and a vest. I’ll glue the kneepads out of my trousers-brown onto my knees or something.
Jimmy cares not for any such distractions, he has his tea, his piece and his (Glasgow) Herald, and thinks we’re all daft. 

13 thoughts on “No Outdoors, Sale Now On!”

  1. This heat is a real energy killer, I’m quite sure I’d have melted doing what you’re doing in them photies.

  2. Bobinson, there is indeed much joy in this. Also, I’m losing weight… :o)

    Benjamin, it does slow you down. Lunch has gone from sitting to slouching to today where I found a cleanish bit of cardboard to put on the floor to lie on!

  3. And in the middle picture, behind the guy with broon trousers, isn’t that a new Big Agnes tunnel tent?? I swear I can see three hoops and the trademark grey flysheet…

    I bet what keeps ya going is the vision of hills past…

  4. Yes, cardboard is the next step in wild camp comfort. This version on test is deluxe indeed, it’s dimpled…

    I’m still being cooked, but it’s going well, we’re on schedule. I reckon a fortnight or so and I’ll be back out there.
    There’s one thing, I’m not looking at the weather forecast evey hour for a change :o)

  5. It’s amazing how many movies are filmed in plantrooms, also my favourite is the actor is struggling with a huge valve to shut off the water/gas/steam/imminent death and they’re either turning it the wrong way or the handle is turning around the valve spindle (to make it easy) and isn’t actually doing anything.
    It’s just the same as me seeing someone with a 45L pack on a daywalk :o)

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