No Outdoors, Further Reductions!

Inside that door above is the steam space, which is full of tubes, and as you can see below, me as well. It looks manky, but the dirt is cooked on and it’s in good nick in there, so there was only the briefest of visits to work on the door face and that was about it.
This kind of thing has been made easier with water treatment, 25 years ago I’ve have been in there with a fire hose trying to blow the shite off the tubes to be washed out of the mud doors at the bottom. Happy days? Well maybe, health and safety has played a big part in squeezing every last drop of fun out of your working day over that same 25 year period. What ever happened to sense, awareness and trust in your workmates? If you have that, and maybe no unreasonable time or financial pressures from clients and you’re all set. Mostly.

Lunch was unusual today. It’s not often I’ll have a pineapple cake after a box of carbs, but it was sitting there in their glass case glowing at me with it’s yellowness, so it had to be purchased. Eating off the floor comes natural to me now, so when I visit your house and sit on the floor leaning on the couch with my cuppa rather than sitting on it, don’t be offended, it;s habit not a lack of trust in your soft furnishings. Also, don’t let me make tea, I’ll take the bag out of the mug and throw it into the corner. Boilerhouses don’t have bins.

It’s not all battling claustrophobia and scraping your extremities though, there’s some bits and pieces to be fixed elsewhere, and it’s always the wee stuff that’s a bugger. As colourful as this leak was making the outer casing below, it had to be sorted, and yet the fittings defied my spanners for longer than it had any right to.
The next few days is tightening up hundreds of bolts for a steam test before we start Part Two.
I was wearing a Montane Bionic t-shirt today, having had enough of constantly damp cotton all week, and it was actually very good indeed.
Always gear isn’t it…

4 thoughts on “No Outdoors, Further Reductions!”

  1. “sense, awareness and trust in your workmates”

    they got banned by the HSE…

    …but only because of unreasonable pressure from clients.

    Isn’t work a great place to be – can I go for a walk now?

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