No Feelings

This was recorded back in 2012 for a tribute album where all the tracks from the Sex Pistols’ Never Mind The Bollocks were covered in a diverse bunch of styles.
The project dragged on and ground to a halt inches from the finish line and it looks like it’ll never get released.
So here’s my rewrite of No Feelings. It’s far too long because I kept all the original lyrics, it probably needed a bit more work, especially on the mix, but for a handful of hours in the studio by me and my mate Craig who played the drums on it, it’s a nice wee bit of fun.
Bonus points for anyone that makes it to the psychedelic bit.

3 thoughts on “No Feelings”

  1. I’ve read your site for yonks but never said anything, so wanted to say thanks for what you do, thanks for this rock punk song and well, hello. One day I’ll get my arse in gear and do something like you. So ta for a good site, having variety and for enjoying life!

  2. You are wise and kind.

    Currently writing up some stuff, been too quiet on here, to much mountains, music and food :o)

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