Night Night

I’ll be getting round to writing up some adventures soon. Here’s a photie from easter this year. It’s the summit cairn of Carn Dearg on the fringes of Rannoch. The peaks you can see are (l-r) the Mamores, Ben Nevis and Aonach Mor.

A beautiful night, bloody cold as well. My Titan kettle froze onto the rock I was cooking on in the tent porch. This after getting a nice bit of sun round my winter-pale features on the way up.

Spending a night on the top is increasingly becoming the only way you’ll get me on a new Munro. I’m getting to hate the drive there, the bagging of the summit and the drive home. Plus anything new for me is miles away on roads filled with idiots intent on ruining the (apparently more fragile than I’d hoped) zen like calm with which I attempt to begin my every journey.

 Spending the night on the hill is where it’s at, dusk and dawn are the best times to be there.

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