Nice wee things

When I started having to swap numbers with folk from outdoor places instead of just engineering ones I got some cards made up at Moo so I wasn’t having to constantly apologise and lie about having “run out”.
It was dead easy, it’s all done through your Flickr photies, it only takes a few minutes to do the text and whatnot, you can pay by PayPal and it’s a great product.
I’ve just had another batch in with different photies on them and it’s just like having my own personal Top Trumps, I’ve seen me sitting in the motor at lunch time, flicking though them saying “That was more fun, but this one was in winter…oh wait, this one had the best clouds…”.
I use the most “eco-friendly” version, so they say, and although a business card is supposed to be just a functional item, a tool, I like the fact that they raise a smile in eveyone who takes one.
Nice wee things.

9 thoughts on “Nice wee things”

  1. These are great wee things. I got some made up a year ago to give people when they sponsored me as a thanks, should give you one!

  2. moggy, the nice colourful front distracts the holder from the weatherbeaten beardie on the back!

    Ange, I’ll swap you one :o)

  3. I could have done with some of these on the BPC AGM/Ultralight Fest. Will sort some on return from trip to Pembroke.

  4. Aye, it was too easy to do and they’ve been so handy.
    Just don’t put pretentious wording on the back like I did :o)

  5. Erm swapping details… well i’ll take a wild guess… or alternatively i could send it to PTC C/O real food cafe, Tyndrum seeing as you be wearing a PTC shaped dent on their new couches!

    ;-) Ange

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