The weather is looking grey. A slow thaw at all levels. It’s a bugger isn’t it?
Making the best of it is the trick, not giving into turkey and stuffing apathy, trifle and After Eight lethargy.
During the holidays I’m wanting to get to all the places I haven’t managed this year, the Cairngorms, the far North West, my bed for a straight 8 hours…
I won’t manage all that, but it’s nice to have the choice whether to go or not rather than having it made for me by circumstance. As we already know, he’s a bastard.

22 thoughts on “Next”

  1. Aye, grey, drizzly and mild here too – what a difference a week makes – not at all appealing to head out. But hopefully it’ll change – I can’t stand Christmas but 11 days off to get to the hills is not to be sniffed at! :)

  2. The holiday weather is looking shite, but remember earlier this year when January brought the best conditions up here for years.
    Think positive people.

  3. Forecast is looking better as this week goes on. I’m finishing work tomorrow until 5th Jan and looks like we might get some decent days later this week. I’m thinking of heading out for a wee night time solo jaunt and camp on Ben Lomond on Friday night.

  4. Bananananana, have you been shopping, are you all set for winter?

    Good call on Ben Lomond Del, a great place to spend a night. I hope you get a cracking sunrise, it’s stunning from there as there’s not much high ground to the East.

  5. No’ yet PTC, I’m waiting for the january sales. I reckon I might want to pick your brains on footwear, maybe a gear fondling mini meet with coffe and cakes is in order?

    Oh aye, Happy B’day!

  6. Footwear? I’m wearing some wacky stuff at the moment, two sets of Keens: Growlers and Oregon PCT’s. Totally unsuitable for the mountains aparently…

    Catch up during the holidays.

  7. I’m thinkimg I’ll be able to strap some Kahtoolas onto what I’m wearing the now for the most part (I may get myself some mids though, I like the look of the Icebug ones but I’ve never tried them on)

    Its mainly advice for full on stiff boots for kicking steps and matching crampons I’m after. I dunno who’s making decent boots that are also light weight.

  8. Boot wise LaSportiva are doing the best lightweight winter boots I think. Whether it’s current or next years models I’m not sure though, but there’s things there that I’d wear.

    I’ll try and make Saturday, but there’s a cloud inversion on Friday, so we’ll see how my legs hold out!

  9. Just had a wee look on the La Sportiva page, I reckon I now MUST own a pair of yellow boot so I really can be “Bigbananafeet”

  10. Merry Crimbo and Happy Burfday old man !
    Whats the chances of dragging old fit boy out onto the hill before going back to work ?
    Now that I am back I will sort out some cold clear weather and maybe a little snow !
    Santa never left me any Green and Grey goodies either !

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