News Story Mugshot

You know when there’s a tragedy, or mishap or newsworthy calamity that befalls an ordinary member of the public like ourselves? Well, the photo they use is always either 1970s Polaroid shot with redeye or a badly taken recent Christmas Day photie with you hugging a labrador in it.

Well to avoid that embarassment, should I take a flakey in the queue at Subway and barricade the doors with all the white bread (we’ll need the brown to eat while waiting for the helicopter) while demanding that the staff stop being so damned helpful and courteous and instead be more like the indigenous types who work at McDonalds, I have chosen this photie to represent me;


In case the misses is too destraught to pass this on to the relevant agencies while I’m being tracked in the crosshairs of an Umbrella Corp mercenaries rifle. Can somebody sort it out for me?

Thanks in advance.

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