New Balance first look, RX1441AT and M1100MDS

Now that is a wacky looking pair of trail shoes above. But looking closely we’ve got some interesting features on the snappily titled RX1441AT’s. Soft compound aggressively lugged sole, stitchless upper construction and a removeable ankle gaiter. The sole is how I like it, stiffer at the back and with good toe flex.

Below we have the M1100MDS, which is the official shoe of the Marathon Des Sables. It has a tiny velcro-closed ankle gaiter and a clever and comfortable resolution to top lacing, again good flex in the sole. It has a wider fit and feels more like a trekking shoe than the RX1441AT’s instant Quick! Run! ambience. Ach, I’m going to have to give these new names.

The both have very different lasts, and are very different shoes all round. They’re interesting for sure. Update coming after some miles. The details of both models are here on the UK New Balance website. 

15 thoughts on “New Balance first look, RX1441AT and M1100MDS”

  1. I have enquired…

    Its a good idea having a seal of some kind on low cut shoes as long as it’s not intrusive or restrictive. I remember Salomon did it a while back, but it was a bit clunky I think.

    These NBs are at both ends of the scale, it’ll be interesting to see it both the gaiters work.

  2. The ones I saw were very similar to these NB’s, they looked just like the standard Roclite 318’s with an attached gaiter. I can’t find the link at the moment, but I think it was called the ‘Advanced Gaiter System’.

    The Dirty Girl Gaiters look like leg warmers for when it’s already warm.

  3. More interesting shoes,looks like just about every manufacturer is raising their game this year…orange seems to be quite popular at the moment too and that can only be a good thing.Has anyone checked out the Golite trail shoes?some pretty cool looking stuff on the web site.
    Dirtygirl gaiters eh? just checked out the page,loving the flames and skull patterns,pretty cheap too,might just order a pair to go with the Salomon wings.The only thing that worries me is the front hook fixing on most debris gaiters…I just wonder if these will work with the lacing system.

  4. AAAARRRRGGGHHHH MY EYES! Jeez, I know someone was famously quoted as saying ‘When your eyes are out on stalks you don’t worry about the colour of your running shoes’ but come on!

  5. I had the orange ones on last night. Grippy indeed, they stick like shit to a blanket on the trail.

    The orange is much brighter in real life than that picture though.

    I think the Dirty Girl gaiters with the purple flames will fit well into my wardrobe :o)

  6. The shoes look like the snake from the cover of Mean Streak?

    I just got thar reissue of that a while back…and Helix’s No Rest for the Wicked…ah, ’83.

  7. saw them 2 years ago in the Cathouse – they’re still just as good live as they were in the 80’s – they were back last year, but I was ill, so missed it – if they tour again, I’ll let you know, well worth seeing

  8. I’m long overdue an update on these shoes.
    I’ve got on better with the MDS’s than the RX’s. It’s more of a fit issue that a performance one.
    The sole on the RX’s is very similar ro the LaSportiva Crosslite’s, but the welded upper I’m not so sure of.
    I’ll try and get something up on them later in the week.

    Thanks for the reminder!

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