Never Stop Exploring? Off to London with The North Face

I’ve been out and about a wee bit of late, just haven’t had it on the blog, a day on a snow dusted Aonach Mor being a highlight. However, the next trip I’ll be writing up in full and I’ll be tweeting (here) as I go, by text as I have a phone that thinks apps is where the choir sits. Mind you, I’ve just superglued the arse back on my phone, so even that format might not happen.
Anyway, I’m on a Virgin Train right now heading south for a night on a roof. I’ll be in accomplished company and I’m looking forward to some banter over a cuppa and the sound of traffic. I wonder what health a safety will make of us firing up stoves on the roof?
Bringing adventure to the city they say, we’ll see, I’m prepared with a camera, a notebook & pen, a wallet containing Scottish bank notes, a six pack of Irn Bru and a selection of single malt miniatures.

4 thoughts on “Never Stop Exploring? Off to London with The North Face”

  1. I saw his movie on climbing the sharks fin on Meru a wat in the Himalayas ,a hell of a climb
    OMG.. it was his third trip, he knew how hard it would be. well worth a watch, he’s as good as they get in high altitude technical climbing , one of the Reel Rock 7 movies…

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