Navel gazing

It’s not often I talk about this place, the mechanics and practicalities of the thing are as interesting to me as most of the in-depth technical descriptions that accompany the gear that comes in for review. All I need to know is; does it work, does it make me smile and is it a nice colour.
It feels like somewhere between pinning a flyer on the noticeboard and shouting indecipherably from a passing train when ever I write something and post it. I like that.

Why the suspiscious introspection, is regret and hair loss giving me new perspective on wasted opportunites? Why no, it’s a numbers thing, and that’s something I’m always hesitant to broach. But, the fact that a while back the number of comments posted on here passed 5,000 and that today my spyometer slipped by 300,000 is worth this uncharacteristic mention. And that’s because it’s heartening to know that given the choice of quality proper destinations available, there’s folk out there happy to stop by for a bit and take the bare look off the place.
You deserve a medal, yes, you.

26 thoughts on “Navel gazing”

  1. I like it here. Kinda relaxed and less formal than the comercial sites. Almost cosy. It’s a bit like my living room: could do with a tidy but what the hell I know where everything is.Only thing I miss is free tea and biscuits ;-)

  2. I think you are doing yourself down by suggesting it is not a ‘proper’ or ‘quality’ destination! This site is one of the very few I look at everyday as the kit, discussions and general feel of the place are spot on. All are welcome and that says a lot in my book.

    Anyway, will the medals come in purple to match my Sigg ;-)

  3. Aye, going on the commercial forums is like going to the pub. You can find some interesting chat but there’s a lot of dross too. Coming here is like dropping by for a cuppa (and sometimes you find other folk have dropped by too). I reckon folk know how to behave at a mate’s place and the conversation flows better as a result…. :))

  4. Heavens people, that’s awfy nice.
    I’ve said it a million times but it’s still true, it’s fantastic to be able to share the joy, this place has put (and kept) me in touch with so many great folks :o)

  5. Agree with all the above. Your blog has at times been the only one that I’ve stolen time to read this year (even if I’ve not managed time to comment!).

    Your writing somehow has the ability to interest me and put a smile on my face every time – which was especially appreciated last year in some pretty grim times.

    Cheers *PTC – long may you enjoy writing what so many people clearly enjoy reading! :)

  6. It definitely helps when you know the guy at the other end of the keyboard, so you already know you have the same take on things/sense of humour/ outlooks etc. But on top of that, not being the best at putting things into words, I always admire those who can, and to do it with such honesty, open-ness and fun is a talent, (are you blushing yet?) a talent to be encouraged & celebrated.

    The Commercial sites give me the Grouchos – I wouldn’t want to be a member of any club that would have me as a member – but this is the exception.

    If anything says how much I’ve enjoyed your blog this past year or so, it’s the replies above to this posting – keep up the good work, just don’t let it consume you!!!

  7. Ach, you guys :o)
    I started this thing for cynical reasons (a public voice in case Trail made me look stupid), but I’m so glad it quickly turned out to be something else.
    In years to come I’ll look back to the days when I was doing this and see the photies, the words and all the names through it and I’ll have the biggest grin ever.

  8. Ah Das, my fellow purplearian, I was talking across you there!
    Your last words are wise, and indeed the pile of test kit awaiting photographing is testmanet to my current coasting :o)

  9. Aye here are the words of sense, wisdom and wit :-) Keep it coming young man

    For that comment I’d better get my purple garments ;-)

  10. Your blog here has good photos, honest reviews, and easy to follow and entertaining language. It’s no wonder it’s popular.

    Commercial sites will review things to sell, whilst here you review things on practicality, and aren’t afraid to mention those little things which are overlooked in the wider sphere!

    When I finally get the time this week I will be sure to dig through the sites history to get some guideline information on backpacks, as my 35l is way too big for day walks and the likes!

  11. Its a great site mate. Your pics, words & humour are excellent, your reviews unbiased and honest, you like metal & like me are quite cynical about stuff and you don’t like faff. You’ve helped a lot of people make good kit choices & made their thought patterns digress from what people seemed to think is the norm and try something different. When your older and confined to your armchair, you can also look back on this site as a diary of your life ish.

  12. Blogs are just such a waste of bandwidth though aren’t they, least that’s what I used to think because the majority are, but then you come across the odd gem and it all becomes clear. I have 6 tabs open in Firefox and flip through these most days, PTC World is one of those tabs, nuff said…

  13. Bless you people.
    This is the joy of the internet. It’s level ground for sharing and finding out stuff. It’s a distance shrinker, people and facts are right there in front of you.
    I was a sceptic for too long!

  14. I think this site is complete crap, but I’m too lazy to browse for anything else.

    Only joking! But your heid’ll get too big for yer buff with all this praise.

  15. I agree with Richard – most blogs are indeed a waste of bandwidth (with this most honourable exception).

    Saying that – without the outdoor/gear blogging community, I would not know the following:
    – In offering advice on the outdoors, not knowing one’s arse from one’s elbow is no impediment
    – It is terribly important to write without wit and humour…
    …and to philosophise in a 6th form stylee
    – Tents are for losers. Tarps are the future.
    – The TGO challenge IS the pinnacle for any backpacker, and a Knighthood should be conferred on anyone lucky to complete one.
    – Duh, you don’t need down at the bottom of a sleeping bag, Stupid.
    – Climbing a handful of Munros does indeed confer one with a Hamish Brown-esque authority on anything to do with the Scottish hills
    – Internal frames are for p**fs
    – My base weight is lighter than your base weight
    – The Angry Corrie? Never heard of it.
    – The new piece of kit arrived in the post today.
    Can’t wait to try it.
    – Never mind the fitness, feel the weight
    – Some people regard Cameron McNeish as a hero

  16. My heid’s big anyway, I think that it’s swollen from running at too high a pressure or something.
    Maybe that’s why the hair’s being forced out as well…

    Nice list there :o)

  17. DavidG, will you please refrain from posting further comments of that ilk…..

    ….my sides are aching too much from laughing! ;O)

  18. Thanks Matt – I’m probably now barred from blogging for making somebody laugh.

    PTC – You are an honourable and original exception – apart from maybe the “new piece of kit arrived in the post today. Can’t wait to try it” bit ;-)

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