Nantucket Sleighride

Fear divides and fear unites. It’s whether you have hope or not that decides which you way you will fall.

So much water. Rivers were bursting their banks, the lochs are full, chilled and clear, even fields should be patches of blue on the map.

He’d taken the package after 35 years service. Now he was heading for the hills and his pup is finding its feet. The three of us shared a smile and a laugh and a tale or two and I wish them well.

Fairies are real, but if you want to see them you have to believe. I believe.

Sometimes it doesn’t work out, sometimes the memories I bring back aren’t the ones I set out to find. Sometimes it’s a fat old man that limps off the hill but it’s always a lively young man that thinks ahead to the next time when it’ll be different and better.

Test kit never dies, but it does go to a better place. Sometimes full of LED’s and boxes of rocks n’ stuff.

The Artful Dodger with a Jammie Dodger.

I sat and watched the shadows drift over the heather and rock. I was out of the sun and enjoying the cool air, but not for long, still, it was good to find peace like that without sitting by a tent.

“That media message took a week to come through, I’m assuming Apple and Sony don’t see i to eye?”

Eight miles high, about to fall, and no one there to catch you.

Bless my phone. Sony’s new update means that in poor light I sometimes get a double exposure thing going on. It’s a fail wrapped around a win.

“Very nice, is that t-shirt the same colour as a tennis ball?”
“Er, yes, thanks for that”.

Autographs are for star struck teenagers? Apparently not.

7 thoughts on “Nantucket Sleighride”

  1. Well, well, you are showing your age with that title! And a nice wee link. Lesley West is doing some interesting Blues stuff now. Lovely photaes too. As a gent of advancing years I can confirm it’s never too late to ask for an autograph…

  2. I was referring to the music links. Recently rediscovered Mountain and the newly svelte Lesley West. You certainly had a busy week!
    Keep up the good work PTC

  3. I know, that’s the danger of having a band named Mountain as a reference on here :o)
    I saw Lesley West years back in the Edinburgh Playhouse with a bunch of other guitar folk, Robby Kreiger from the Doors and Alvin Lee being the other ones that stuck in my mind. They all played solo sets with a big jam at the end. West is brilliant player.
    Saw Mountain too, the surviving members at least, at a festival in the 80’s too, Knebworth I think?
    Damn, the old days were good.

    This week has been no less eventful. Got multiple insect bites on my arm which swelled up like Popeye’s, I lost the feeling in my fingers and have been mostly lying down complaining as it slowly subsides with the help of Piriton and some wacky steroid cream. Happy days.

  4. Now I’m REALLY jealous! Those heady days of the Apollo and Playhouse in the late 70’s and 80’s seem soooo far away. If you’re looking for some traditional Blues-based rock/Jam Band fun check out Gov’t Mule on YouTube (try “Mother Earth” to start with). You can’t go far wrong with them in my opinion. Think there’s some Mule with Lesley West stuff on there if my aging memory serves.

    Sounds like nasty wee buggers, was it Cleggs? I’m sure, on some level, Irn Bru will cure your ails…..

  5. Irn Bru has been taken in abundance.

    Some was cleggs, some were “something else”. It’s a changing world the animal world.

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