Nae mountains

The furthest I got from base this weekend was for a quick look at GoOutdoors in Coatbridge where I met up with some chums. It’s interesting, a vast shed of wonder/horror*. Turns out some of the staff are familiar. That element, folk that know their stuff, could be the making of the place rather than anything that their head office down south does, or as is more likely, doesn’t.

The rest of the time has been spent with the girls, and quite right too. Today we went for a long walk along the canal and along the shore with a wee tourney around the Saltings at Old Kilpatrick. Holly was amazed by both the trees and the Erskine Bridge.

Wildlife was much in evidence, swans, ducks, moorhens, a watery mammal of indistinct specification, a crane and four young deer in the trees. They were far from home indeed. You can’t help but worry and hope they find their way back home over the A814, the railway, the A82 and the the barbed wire after that.

I’m not mentioning the crows and gulls seen as that would be stating the obvious along the lines of “I saw a downward gazing, pale faced skinny youth with a grey marl hood over his head traversing the shopping precinct in an urgent/directionless manner…”.

We also saw a Finnish Navy vessel heading downstream and more sombrely the floating crane used to lift the tug which capsized at Clydebank recently was also seen being towed back to base.

Came back to my folks for dinner and Holly had her first proper laugh out loud at a wee Pinnochio figure. She chuckled away at it for ages. With that, the weekend is over. It ain’t getting any better than that.

Night night.

*delete as appropriate

6 thoughts on “Nae mountains”

  1. If I was in a pedantic mood, I could point out that when referring to birds such as the crane, you would indeed describe them as being “…in the trees…” not “… on the trees…” anyway, whereas the deer would merely be among, or in amongst the trees.

    However, that’s besides the point – at least you’re out there with the girls seeing the deer first hand, while I’m sitting here at the pc being a fanny!

    It got me thinking back to when you were always too busy working, to make it to the climbing wall and I would always tell you –

    “work to live, don’t live to work”

    Well, it’s nice to see that one of us is managing it – now, if I could just get my fat arse out this chair …

  2. You’re no wrang there. My priorities have changed somewhat haven’t they?

    …one saw deer among the trees…the were trees, within there were deer…???

    Aye, out the chair and up Kilpatricks. It’ll no burst your arse/heart/budget/stitching. We shall arrange this.

  3. Good to see you in the shed of wonder/horror! Lets hope the management take on board the recommendations of our Focus Group! ;-)

    I know you’re going up to Glencoe this weekend but remember Elaina and I will be up in Kinlochleven the weekend after if you fancy a wander. Hopefully going up first thing Friday 8th to do something that day and staying until Sunday. No specific plans yet – let us know if you can make it.

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