My (un)musical past

A recent brief encounter with an old friend brought all this to mind. So a day at home with a cold and with an uncommited eye on studying it meant that I did something pointless instead.

So I made a MySpace page. It must be the must user unfriendly sites I’ve ever used. Still, some of my old tunes are on there from about ’94 up to ’01 maybe?

I make no apology for the quality, as it wasn’t me. It was this man here…

14 thoughts on “My (un)musical past”

  1. Not quite Kings X, but interesting. You guys could play quite well.

    Why blame it on Roy Wood though? He does appear to have lost his glasses though.

  2. It was getting fed up with a frozen, wet or windblown ponytail in the mountains that made me get that hair cut off.
    Nothing to do with…thinning…oh no…

  3. Great stuff,seriously,thoroughly enjoyed the tracks…do you still play at all these days?
    Aaaah,the frozen windblown ponytail…damn fine excuse,the wind is rapidly blowing my hair away,seems its disappearing quicker than it grows these days,anyway,just adds to my windswept and interesting appearance!..rock n’f’n roll!

    Good luck with the WHW,sounds like its gonna be a whole load of fun.No hills for me this last weekend,spent a few days slaying the unruly hedge that seperates my house from the surrounding farmland,great excuse to use sharp pointy implements in my ongoing battle with the hawthorn.

  4. Para Handy was indeed the skipper of the Vital Spark. Para was his nick name, his real name was Peter Macfarlane.

    Which means I’m either a reincarnation or my dad has a funny sense of humour :o)

    I only occasionally play these days, I haven’t improved any with lack of practice.

  5. Aye,I’ve read the book by neil munro,bought it in the little shop at john o groats,to quote the man himself ‘chest sublime’.

  6. I know it’s a bit late for yourself Petesy, but if you are
    “getting fed up with a frozen, wet or windblown ponytail in the mountains ” the trick is to put it INSIDE yer jaicket and preferably under a hat or hood or both – a rule I still live by today – as you know.

    Granted, if you have a thick mane (how good’s your memory these days?) then you may get a little sweaty around the neck and down the centre of your back, but if your layers are wicking it’s not an issue (much).

  7. Cool tunes, mate – unless you’re feeling particulary suicidal in which case they may just finish you off.

    Seriously though, good stuff – very sabbathesque in places, especially the “Trinity” track.

    Have you heard the Wolfmother album? I’d recommend it.

  8. I used to set it on fire when using an angle grinder as well…I’m glad to be free of it. At your hair’s of a quality worth keeping :o)

    Aye, very Sabbathy. Totally accidental of course.

  9. I thought the “Roy Wood” quip a little unkind – more like Ted Nugent with a goatee – I love the crease down the middle of the photo, makes it looks like your leaning to one side to see past it

  10. Would you believe I couldn’t find a proper photie. That wee one is a scan of an old demo inlay card. Jeez.

    Consider yourself SPOT-ed also.

  11. Roy Wood – it was meant a bit of gentle joshin’ – no offence meant or taken, I hope.

    It’s a brave man who puts a photo of himself from yesteryear on the internet. Some twonk (myself in this case) will always come along and point, Nelson-from-The-Simpsons like and say “Harr, Harr”

    Will you see a picture of mself, in a purple paisley shirt and a spikey topped mullet from the early 90’s?

    Not a chance!

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