My Inner Sanctum, R-I-P, Uh!

Celtic Frost lyrics as a post title, I’ve waited two years to get some of that stuff in.

The computer is dead. Completely dead, as pronounced by computer doctors in the computer hospital.
I have most stuff backed up on the wee ootside box, so all I’m missing are some annoying inconveniences, some work stuff an’ that. All the photies are safe, as is my iTunes library. I just hope I don’t get audited by the VAT people or something, because I’ve got heehaw left for the last two quarters now.

So, I’m working off of Joycee’s old ex-work laptop (It’s Bontempi or Mattel, the label’s worn off…) for the foreseeable future. At first I was horrified, now I quite like it. It’s wee, sociably quiet, in fact the keyboard is nearly silent, the only problem is the slightly odd screen colouring that I can’t quite get right. Photies don’t look right, so editing down to blog size and shape is going to a minefield of potentialy amusing explosions of colour. Ah what the hell.
The laptop had some old photies on it, one below of a high camp above Loch Trieg from years back, and above that’s Skye from Gairich, and it’s so nice to see some of the stuff again. Even me and Joycee as a carefree young couple in the Cairgorms, jeez!

New computer? Aye, soon. Now that I know that it’s not coming back, I don’t feel the pressure that I did at first when there was an unfamiliar gap under the table.
Stuff is good, stuff is handy, but you don’t really need stuff after all.

6 thoughts on “My Inner Sanctum, R-I-P, Uh!”

  1. “… a minefield of potentialy amusing explosions of colour.”

    Lol, I thought we got those regularly anyway, what with all the 90s ‘retro’ and the purple and orange and such… :))

  2. If you need info off your old Hard Drive just get a programme called getdataback and connect your old drive back up and run it. It extracts everything and puts it in folders on the pc you are using. Don’t know if this can help you but i thought i would try and assist

  3. holycow, I’d already checked it for gold teeth :o)

    Cheers coops, I’ll try that when we get set up again.
    The only real pain has been losing some Trail stuff that’s deadline was yesterday!
    There’s some other stuff trapped in there that would make my life easier if I got it back for sure.
    I’ll maybe back-up daily from now on!

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