My Favourite Mountain Photie

I have seen and indeed taken a lot of photies of mountains and the one that has always caught my imagination the most is Fay Godwin‘s Meall Mor.

It’s a familiar sight as you travel west through Glen Coe and this shot captures the hill looking dramatic beyond its height. It’s also now historical as the road layout and markings changed long ago and the original visitor centre can be spied to the right by the trees.
I liked the old visitor centre, but what the hell do I know.

Unlike many outdoor shots it puts me right there beside the camera and that’s why I like having it around, it’s the only mountain photie I have on a wall at home.
I often wonder how long she waiting for the cloud behind her to line up just right to get the foreground in the shade or it she pulled over and ran out with the camera because it just right when she was passing.

Her stuff is wonderful and should be sought out and viewed by all.


4 thoughts on “My Favourite Mountain Photie”

  1. Thanks for the pointer to Fay. Strangely enough, she never received any reference in the City + Guilds Photography course. Given her role in publicising arbitrary restrictions, seems a little harsh. As for the photie … just realised its square – unusual format.

    I should be up there in just over a week’s time to take part in a photo workshop – I wonder if there’s any hope of capturing anything as remotely evocative. But certainly very glad to see the photie quality is being maintained !!

    But until then, l have to be content with peeking at the traffic cameras !

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