My arse is burst

Cough Cough Cough. Although if this was an episode of Judge Dredd we’d have Koff! Koff! Koff! as the future is phonetic or Amerkin or something.
The film was such a missed opportunity. They screwed up so much, but the visuals were in the right area and Stallone had the right chin. Max Von Sydow is always good. He’s an odd one though, like Alec Guiness he never really looked young.

I haven’t been out for ages now, there’s test kit sitting unopened, I’ve failed to destroy that Parámo smock, the hills look beautiful, the weather is all changeable and photogenic, Holly wants to play and I’ve got customers looking for pipes and shit to get repaired. Koff!

It’s been a year since PTC*World went up. Happy Bastard Birthday.

19 thoughts on “My arse is burst”

  1. Whoohoo! Your first year and you’ve probably posted more than most people would in five.

    I don’t know where you find the time but I am very glad you do. :)

  2. Bless you people.

    Doctor in about an hour. where a magic wand will be waved and I’ll come back and get changed then head out in this rain.
    It’s cool, it’s still quite dark and it looks like a lovely morning for walking through the high woodland behind me with my hood up and my hands in my pockets.

  3. I seem to remember saying this before (maybe here?) but if you’re all viral – don’t push it! Just don’t. You can break bits of your vitals in very hard to fix ways. I know whereof I speak here. :(

    And if you are all viral – eat some eggs. Your body burns through proteins if you’re fighting a virus. So sayeth a mate of mine whose Ph.D was in virology. :)

    Look after yourself *ptc! :)

  4. Best Walking Site bar none. Keep up the good work once your fit, but like others have said don’t push yourself to get back out, as you’ll likely just extend your downtime. Manyana

  5. Congratulations and well done on getting some sweary-words in tae a landmark post :o)

    Skippin back a bit, RedYeti’s right; Fried egg sandwiches and mugs of tea. That’s what you need.

  6. Oi, stop koffing everywhere. I’m bound to come down with freshers’ flu soon, I don’t want a virtual virus as well thanks! So get well soon!
    And Happpy Birthday :-)

  7. Happy Blog Birthday!

    I like it here. This is where I come for good hill things.

    Tales of mountains, walking, equipment and being happy. Each photo is taken by a guy who is grinning with joy.

    Sci-fi, engineering(imperial) and metal are bonuses.

    Its quite the antithesis of my other walking place, where they are seeming to be hating and stuff. Your tent post summed it up.

    But anyway, keep it up Sir, you are providing a key service to the desk bound.

  8. Happy birthday ptc. Your blog is the third website I open every day. My e-mail account is first (to see what viagra-clones I’m being offered), then the BBC (to catch up with the footy scores) and then your page. Inspirational in a lot more ways than you realise. Keep it up!

  9. Have you really been talking the walk for a whole year?

    It flies in mate, cos it’s never boring – great stories, great pics, guitars, movies, music and random acts of testing – it makes you feel ALIVE!

  10. Ah, bless you kind Sir.

    I will have more outdoor stuff again very soon, as much as I love the gear stuff having this virus thing has kept me of the hills for too long.
    And I really have to talk about my Les Paul Custom’s refret…

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