Must get the full set.

I spotted it as Holly and I had a wander around town today. I know it’s the scientest, which makes it the lamest of all daleks, it’s waving a test tube over a bunsen burner while the rest are destroying the universe.
But what the hell, it’s orange.

13 thoughts on “Must get the full set.”

  1. That’s a line from a Carry On movie if ever there was :-p

    I think I need to start collecting some models again, I’ve just realised whilst sat here, that there is no longer a tape deck on the hifi rack… the perfect shelf for a collection.

    This could be interesting

  2. I put all the daleks that I’ve got in a row last night and realised two things: I’ve got quite a few; there’s some gaps in the line up that must be filled!

    I’d have loved this quality of model when I was a kid in the 70’s, I’m making up for it now though :o)

  3. Yeh – quality of models has come on leaps and bounds, like everything else I guess. Popped into a model shop in Barmouth last weekend after a wildcamp on Cadair Idris and was shocked at just how mint looking the helicopters and boats were! Proper real scale models that actually flew and sailed, amazing.
    Kids don’t know they are born… which makes me sound old haha
    Good PHD write-up fella, sort of gave me a warm feeling inside and justified the money I’ve spent with them. I’m off to Iran in 3 weeks to trek up Damavand, 5600m + and I’ll be sleeping in a Minim 300 with the synthetic overbag from the sales a year or so back. After reading yourr article, I’ll make sure to send them a pic as it’s such an unusual destination for a ‘westerner’.

  4. hahaha it’s becoming an addiction! So which colour this time? I’ve just been having a nose at the Tom Baker and k9 combo…

  5. All those Daleks in your house…. you’ll be stuffed when the Emperor Dalek transmits the re-awakening signal!!

    I hope you’ve got a very big sofa to hide behind?!! ;O)

  6. It’s a shame the Doctor Who expedition in LLangollen closed :( Standing next to a full sized darlek was a little worrying though ;)

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