18 thoughts on “Music for a found harmonium”

  1. I recognise the trail shoes and oh how i wish i had bought loads of em. Don’t even get an email reply off Montrail now, miserable bastards, and i only wanted to spend loads of money with em on new footwear after some advice. Nice photy pal saying “I only have this irn bru to survive on” unlike Bear Grylls with a self inflating hotel at his disposal.

  2. gagfax, the shots of my thermals coming up shortly will expand on that testcard notion… :o)

    Coops, I’m having to dip into my reserve on Montrails now, it’s not good.

  3. It does look nice :)

    Continued montrail watch – also in the Epicenter (MMs, Badrocks and rogue racers (which had worryingly cheap looking laces!)).

    Oh and be careful as they’ve really do seem to have done something non trivial to the fit since last being stocked. Which, despite it seemingly being in my favour this time, is **** annoying on principle!

  4. Wee Bru did not tell me he’d been on an adventure with you! I wonder if that’ll appear on his blog…? :-)

  5. Tut! he’d better not. He doesn’t blog about them days…
    Wee went to see new advert the other week and got am Irn Bru goodie bag: lilo, beach towel, cans of juice. Braw. :-)

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