Muscle Car of the Week #1

Running to try and keep up, there’s bound to be slips and trips, maybe even casualties. I’m concentrating awfy hard though, even with the distraction of a snow capped peak right outside my living room windae.

I’ve neglected this place which is daft, it means when I look back in years to come I’ll have no idea what I’ve been doing just now.
Important points to remember then, Holly wore my Braemar tammy to her nursery on St Andrews day and came home with a saltire she’d made. This made me very proud indeed on many levels, that the girl gets right into stuff and always makes the most of it is an unending joy, but also that the celebration of national identity is something that hasn’t been beaten out of her school by political correctness.
It’s a tiny world now and our national differences are something to be celebrated more than ever, rather than viewed with suspicion. I’m a Scot, I was born here, I live in here, I love the place with passion and pride and will spend my life exploring it. We have a rich history, heritage and strong cultural identity, all things to be treasured and preserved. I hope everyone out there feels just the same about their own part of the map.

My PS3 remains the saviour of my sanity. I’ve got a handle on online racing now, let all the stupids pile into each other at the first corner then drive around them for the win. Winds folk up no end. Can’t fit in a mountain in before bedtime, so this’ll have keep me going for another couple of weeks when all my bigger contracts wind up and I’ll be both worried and free. That’ll bring mixed emotions, this year had been busy but difficult, I’ve spend as much time chasing the ball I’ve dropped as I have getting stuff done. But, a few weeks of easy going and I’ll happily have all the same again thanks, I’ll just do it all better next time.

Muscle Car of the Week? Me and Holly are collecting 1/64 scale muscle cars and flying them off a Hot Wheels track into the fireplace (there’s no fire, just pot pourri an’ that) to much hilarity. Action figure skittles is pretty good too. This week a Dodge ’70 Challenger R/T, next week maybe a ’72 Plymouth Road Runner or the 60’s VW Campervan which Holly insists counts as a muscle car.

Anyway, coming up any minute now is a look behind the scenes at Lyon Equipment followed by a wee Petzl giveaway, it’s not gear it’s a super rare promo item, and the hopefully I’ll be back in the zone and get some other stuff written up. I’ve been testing a leather hat you know.

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