“Oh” said mother as she wandered away “I’ve got a present for you..” You can imagine my delight when she reappeared with this.
Twin-wall, stainless steel, karabiner handle, bought from Asda and going to mountains sometime soon.
I’ve had to pull out of going down innov_ex this week because of stuff which has pissed me off no end, so little moments of joy like this are what save the day.

13 thoughts on “Mug”

  1. Pete

    Shame – will miss you, am about to venture off to Lancaster now

    It is always good to cross paths with others who have a real sense of reality & a good humour trait


  2. got the last one on the shelf whilst stopping at an Asda for supplies on a uni field trip :D (they had red and blue but who want’s them? ;) )

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