MSR Carbon Reflex 1

A smidgen too late for the tent test for Trail, here’s the Carbon Reflex 1 from MSR.

The Carbon Reflex 1 is a familiar shape, and that’s because it’s kind of an evolution of the Hubba HP which older listeners might remember me enthusing about a couple of years back. It was a bit of an anomaly, a lightweight tent that was actually built for winter, so imagine how wide my grin was when the Reflex drifted onto my radar and it was the same design but something like 150g lighter. And, when you hold both tents at the same time, the Carbon Reflex is noticeably lighter.
Now, the weight savings over the Hubba HP are from obvious areas, they’re not pulling a fast one here, the inner headroom is slightly lower at 94cm, that’s still higher than almost all of the other tents I’ve seen recently, the inner is all-mesh which may or may not be an issue in winter, all-mesh is cooler but the Reflex’s tub is deep so direct draughts might not be much of a problem.
The big difference is in the top photie, Easton carbon poles. I’ve been using carbon tent poles for the past few years and haven’t had an issue, even when the guys were torn from the tent (see, doesn’t all go in the blog…) so it’s not a worry.

No more info yet, so far I’ve just checked everything’s in the package. I’ll do a proper look at it when it’s out. Assuming I get it pitched in daylight, you know me.

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  1. I’ve got a yellow Hubba HP that I got a couple of years ago partially on the strength of your old article that you have linked in. I really like it a lot. The headroom is very generous across the whole inner footprint area. I have never had to test it in a proper hoolie wind yet but it seems fine in normal winds.
    I got a footprint recently and might use it as a single skin 2 person and 1 small dog shelter in the summer.
    Further to a walk in Knoydart in October where I carried a TN Voyager as a backup if bothies were full and actually never needed it I subsequently discovered (in theory) that me and the girlfriend can just to say fit in the HP inner topsy taily manner using a couple of Duomats and a Torsolite / POE Uber lite mat each with pillows. The inner is only about 70cm wide but the length and headroom assists us both fitting in. Just hope when we do it in practice that the seams of the inner aren’t strained too much and burst. Anyway, worth a try.

  2. Yer Finnish pal Hendrik is a fan of the Hubba HP as well.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of trading in the Akto for one (waiting to see if there is a 2011 or 2012 version that is magically 100g lighter). Being the wrong side of both six foot and 40 (long bones which now creak), I like the idea of a winter one man tent that I can actually sit up in.

    Presumably the Hubba’s strength is having the four corner poles tensioning the tent and giving it structure via the hubs (so it doesn’t really need guy lines). Will the hub-less carbon reflex not be less rigid/stable as a result (more like a Macpac microlight). So I’m wondering if it might be a be flappy and bendy (a Carbon (re)flex ) without corner guys.

    But I guess the the reflex is a summery low level tent – for either the DofE Award or the TGO challenge – I always get them mixed up ;-) – and the Hubba HP is the four-ish season all-year-rounder.

    A bit like the TN thread below though – you probably get an awfy lot more stability/ warmth/ strength for 150g

  3. The Hubba HP is a cracker, in “real terms” it came joint first with the Lasercomp when I reviewed them both for Trail a few years back.

    The Carbon Reflex is an unknown, although it looks like a brother, it is pretty different, I hope it’ll still be a proper mountain tent in the way that the Hubba HP was/is.
    We’ll see, definitely won’t be as easy a pitch.

    The Hubba HP will be back on here soon as well :o)

  4. DavidG,
    I think one of the few shortcomings of the Hubba HP include that there are only three guy points (one at either end low down, and one near the high point on the side away from the door). I think it could maybe do with a fourth guypoint near the high point on the door side. Also bear in mind that MSR only supply one guyline anyway. So, if you get a Hubba HP it is best to purchase some dyneema and mini line-locs at the same. I have installed two guylines at each guy point (i.e. six in total). Maybe a bit excessive but I am a paranoid person. Even with all this it will still not be as stormproof as your Akto, but it is adequate for most conditions and that extra headroom is worth it in my view.

  5. The thing is that if I’m camping in deepest winter,
    I’m terribly unfashionable and share my bombproof
    and hugely spacious 2 man tent (remember them)
    with a mate. The akto only rely comes out to play when another
    mate comes out. ‘The third man’ (diddle diddle dum de dum) is not a fan of deep winter and storms and things, so I think the the hubba hp
    or something with a bit more headroom will do for harry lime trips.

  6. It’s fine! I watched a bloke with frozen fingers and predictive text try to write my email address down today on hid firts Munro. Now that might read back slightly strange.

    Used to use two-person tents all the time, when I started going solo the original Laserlite made it all dead easy and kinda set the tone ’til today.
    However, there will be a two-man tent coming along soon on here :o)

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