Mrs Sunflower has a tasty drink

Mrs Sunflower went to the shops. She bought pies, and cakes and Irn Bru. She was also delighted to find the new Orange and Ginger flavoured Nuun.

She ran all the way home to tell everyone the happy news!

13 thoughts on “Mrs Sunflower has a tasty drink”

  1. I spotted some cola flavour in my local running shop. Stopped short of getting them though because they contain caffeine!

  2. OOOOOOh orange and ginger I’ll need to try them. The Cola ones are ok but I prefer lemon and lime the best.

  3. Yeah lemon and lime is tops, although I quite like tri berry as well. Not tried the Cola ones yet.

    Also, I’ve recently discovered the miracle powers of Nuun when recovering and re-hydrating oneself after a few too many. Obviously not the intended use, but it did seem to be quite effective.

  4. For the morning after a session on the booze, I’ve found hydration salts for weans with the squirts to be more effective than NUUN. Doesnt taste nice though.

    Ive taken to carrying a sachet in my first aid kit now but Nuun is better for replacing stuff lost through exertion, I deffinitley have noticeably less tender muscles the next day.

  5. Nuun aplenty and a protein bar as soon as I stop to pitch the tent has become a ritual that has me in much better nick the next day.
    I though this specialist nutrition was all bollocks at first. Happy to be proved wrong again.

  6. I really rate the Torq bars and gels – i used the gel with caffeine ski touring this year, good consistency compared to others and my god it gave you a kick. Bars were really tasty and easy to eat as well.

    My first experience of Cola Nunn was a litre of warm water from the back of the car – true Rola Cola stylee!

  7. Rola Cola, that is it in a nutshell.
    I’ll need to say then that the Orange and Ginger is Garvie’s Iron Brew.

    Torg bars are pretty good, kinda fruity. Tiso/Alpine Bikes do them near me I think.

    I’m away to put the kettle on…

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