More Bee?

I was at the secret cave by the shore in the mystic far east (Edinburgh), where the importer swings his lantern to signal the Big Agnes galleon to drop anchor and ship the goods ashore in the dinghy under cover of darkness.
I picked up a Fly Creek UL1 sample for test (Help ma’ Boab, it’s a stoater) and some other interesting bits and pieces. The tent will remain unseen until it’s been over 900m, my arse is burst with July’s indoor life and I can’t face taking another photie of clean gear.
I haven’t been in Edinburgh for ages, and it’s all different. Half the roads are missing and all the shops are different. It was hot too, and that’s not normal I’m sure.
Edinburgh looms large in my life, I spent much of 2000 through there fitting boilers and came back with a wife.

11 thoughts on “More Bee?”

  1. Another sub kilo light weight tent on the market. It looks a nice tent but i question if that pole design could take high winds. Any idea of the retail price ?

  2. Ange, I dunno, they might have moved them all out to make room for the new tram system…

    ukmase, I’m pretty confident in the pole after seeing how much abuse the similar Seedhouse took. I’ll have a better idea over the next week/ten days. The fabric is so fine, but the shape is good, I have high hopes.
    The price is a surprisingly light £280 (I actually picked up a price list for once).
    There’s a lot of newness next year from Big Agnes I’ve discovered, more UK friendly tents, sleeping bags that are semi-top bags with vertical chest baffles. Aye, it’s all change.
    btw, I swapped the Copper Spur sample I had for the Fly Creek one, I have a feeling that if it doesn’t go out for test again elsewhere there’s a mint condition ex-demo tent there.

  3. It looks nearly identical to the Seedhouse SL1 only a bit lower inside at the bottom end and no oh-so-handy pocket above the inner door. No’ exactly ball-breakers considering how light it is.

  4. Ah, it does have the wee pocket, it was the first thing I checked!
    It is more tapered and shorter than the Seedhouse, and Holly can stand upright in it, but I’ll see how livable it is over the next few days. If I can reschedule a meeting tomorrow I’m off to Glen Affric.

  5. @ptc – That’s awright then. It’s no’ obvious from the “photies” on the site. First thing I checked as well :o)

  6. Ange, you’ll get stalkers with that kind of patter :o)

    Kev, it doesn’t show on the photies on the site right enough. It’s on the roof panel, not the end, so I won’t be storing any snooker balls in it as it’s a little less vertical than the Seedhouse’s pocket and right above your head.

    Andy, aye, I believe there’s two other shops have them as well, I think one was Escape Route in Pitlochry?
    It’s worth finding one in a shop to see the packsize!

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