Montrail Rockridge and Sabino Trail Mid GTX

Just in for test, two new models from Montrail.

Above we have the Rockridge trail runners. The upper is layers of mesh overlaid by a stitched and welded synthetic web which gives the top of the shoe a nice flex. The heel and toe are both reinforced externally and stiffened internally.
The sole is typical Montrail, stiff from the heel to the forefoot flex point where it’s nicely compliant. The outsole has an open-spaced studded pattern, quite aggressive around the outside edge, and it looks like it should clear mud well. In the middle there’s a good bit of underfoot cushioning and protection.

Below are the Sabino Trail Mid GTX, which along with the regular Sabino Trail’s are the replacements for their well regarded Hardrock equivalents.
It’s a Gore-Tex lined hiking mid, the upper is mesh and synthetic leather, there’s good protection, but there is some stitching in what looks like vulnerable areas.
The stiff-ish sole has less midsole foam padding than the Rockridge and sits closer to the ground, the outsole is a familiar one, I’ve used it on a few shoes going back to the Namche of a few years ago, so I know it works on everything from sand to snow.

The feel is more classically Montrail than I was expecting from the new models, and it’s that feel which has made Montrail such a good choice for lightweight backpacking and walking. While many brands have gone minimal on their trail runners, Montrail have stayed chunky which is a good thing, it’s nice to have options.
One very important point is the sizing, they’ve changed they labelling so that the US sizes don’t correspond to the same UK/Eu sizes that they did last season.  The UK sizes are now coming up half a size smaller than last year, so I’d definitely try before you buy.

Anyway, more after they get dirty.

13 thoughts on “Montrail Rockridge and Sabino Trail Mid GTX”

  1. Ooh, purple and orange. I think we have a mutual friend who’ll be buying those as soon as they hit the shelves!!

  2. I really like the look of Montrail’s but it appears (i hope i’m wrong) that the only stockist are at ambleside and none in Scotters. Do you know if this is the case? My feet are a rather strange shape (burn him-burn him)so need to try before I buy. I cant be arsed with mail order footwear, they never fit and all that postage makes me go yaya.

  3. just started wearing my innov8 roclites again for running and after wearing montrails for about a year i have to say the soles on the montrails are the best i’ve ever had. Comfy, grippy and with the stiff compound you don’t feel any stones underfoot(hardly). After the soles have gone on these innov8’s i am sticking with montrail as i luv em (another great recommendation Pete). Just hope the sizes turn out to be okay. Why they arse around with em really annoys me as once you find a good fit that should be it.

  4. slippery slope1, Footprints in Glasgow have several Montrail models in, don’t know about the ones above, but they do have the Mountain Masochist that I tested last year which is a cracker.
    After that Climbers Shop, Lakeland Runner and Rock and Run in Ambleside and the internet!

    Coops, I think if you buy a half size up it might be okay, but I wouldn’t risk it by mail order right now, I’d try the new season on first, or just phone your stockest and ask them to read the label on the box so you can see what the sizes line up as, that’s what I did for my spare Streaks.
    I think the solution is too keep buying the US size that your old shoes are.

  5. Looks like a trip to the lakes then as Footprints in Glasgow have pretty much zilch stock. Anyway cheers for looking.

    time to start packing for my early morning escape!

    cobbler – beinn narnain- bein ime – ben vane and ben vorlich await. high camp on ime -whoohoo!

  6. The weather is looking a wee bit better out there!

    Camped on the summit of Ime last easter with Bobinson, it’s a great spot for catching the sunrise and sunset.

    Have fun!

  7. Bought a pair of the goretex continental divides and wore them through winter, an absolute bargain tbh wish i had bought more and stashed em. Just found out my mates neighbours have got a caravan at Milnthorpe so i can get them to purchase shoes for me and take them back if they don’t fit. Saves the return postage faff, and a few quid to boot.

  8. Spares of well-fitting footwear`are vital!

    I’ve got the GTX Continental Divides, nice shoes. The last couple of years have been good at Montrail, I hope this revamp isn’t the end of that.

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