Montrail Mountain Masochists & 2010 Sneaky Peak

The Mountain Masochist’s came in for test recently and I’ve had them on a couple of trips. They’re surprisingly different in feel to the Streak’s which have been glued to my feet this past year, even with the same sole unit. The upper is very different and consequently the whole shoes flexes differently, and it’s a slightly different shaped last too. They’re still kinda in the same area though, so I think whichever fits your foot best could probably supply a similar performance.
That all said it’s early days, and I haven’t done any long trips in the Masochists so something might well become apparent to make a bigger distinction between the application and maybe the durability of the two models.

Below we have the first look at the new Montrail models which will be unveiled at Outdoor in Friedrichshafen. The top two as his and hers Rockridge’s and below are the same genders Sabino’s.
The Rockridge’s look like Hardrock-Lite’s and the Sabino’s look like they’re moving into Inov8 territory. It’s interesting when an original innovator takes cues from the new boys.
It’s good to see Montrail still coming out with fresh stuff, and the soles look plenty aggressive. Salomon are you seeing this? Unlikely…

17 thoughts on “Montrail Mountain Masochists & 2010 Sneaky Peak”

  1. Just sorted out my Streaks and now replacements loom for next year already. :-) Montrail is a happy place just now.

  2. Aye, they’re finding a good balance between weight, flexibility and durability. My Streaks are still in good shape after a lot of miles.
    I did buy spares though :o)

  3. I’m looking at some Montrails to replace my beloved Inov8 310’s which sadly split across the sole on the last day of my trip last week. Surprisingly I found a pair of Montrail CTC boots in a half price sale over here so I know I can fit into what I always thought was a narrow fitting brand.

    Next year’s models look very tasty. The Sabinos look like they’d go well with your eclectically coloured wardrobe…

  4. On the subject of Montrail fit, I previously wore Continental Divides which we’re quite narrow. I’ve actually had to drop down a half-size in the Streaks to get a fit, they’re quite broad across the toes. Seem v.confy so far.

  5. Nice one I’ll be due some more new shoes next year, lets hope I can get my hands ( or should that be feet) on some as struggled this year due to lack of imports. The salomon ones I got in sale fit well though and are doing the job so far

  6. Had an unexpected half day on the hill yesterday and it was Montrails we both turned up in. They’re definitely a but of a cult!
    My Streaks are now going for a wash though, they are minging. And dark brown.

  7. Aye, I did wonder when I first saw that tread on the Streaks, but it’s grippy as hell and surprisingly the pockets don’t clog up, probably due the amount of flex. Stones don’t get stuck for the same reason.
    What it does show is the thinness of the sole, if your feet aren’t used to trail shoes there’s going to be a little adjustment here with the feedback you get through to your feet, every stone on the trail in fact.
    It does make them confidence inspiring when you feet get used to them though!

  8. I have just bought a pair of Mizuno wave Harrier 2s for when the mud returns.

    They have a very similar feel and tread to inov8 315s but without the wincle picker toebox.

    will let you know how they fare.

    Shame they are yellow not orange

  9. I’m sitting here in a brand new pair of Mountain Masochists. Maybe I should go out there and give them a whirl.

  10. sbrt, I was checking out Mizuno, Saucony and others today, theres plenty options outside the obvious names right enough.

    Aye Holdfast, get oot and get them mockit!

  11. Oh they got very mockit-ed. I like them. Different from my 310s but good different. Know what I mean?

  12. Aye, it’s great when something is different from my usual and trusted but I like just the same.
    That means you neith stuck in a rut or stuck when they discontinue it :o)

  13. Very nice looking. Any idea when/if there’s a chance of us seeing them over here though? (or for that matter Hardrock’s/Wildwoods/…..).

  14. The Wildwoods are great, they should have brought them into the UK. They sent me testers (along with the discontinued Continental Divide GTX) but I didn’t review them when they didn’t appear over here. I’ll take them out for a couple of trips again and write them up, because the sizing is consistent with the other current models which makes them a safe bet for an internet purchase.

    I hope we see the new models over here, we’ll see…

  15. Streaks worn in anger for the first time. 17miles on a 5munro round of Lochnagar et al. Absolute Magic!! Genius fit and amazing grip. Inov-8’s are relegated to garden duties and Raichle’s are reserved for torrential days only. I’m now 100% lightweight and proud!

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