Montane Sabretooth Pants

Here’s frustration on two legs. I put together some gear pages for a supplement a couple of months back and some of what I got a hold of was what was quickly available, and that meant some UK size mediums which don’t fit me, not USA size mediums which do. Dammit.
I’m going to do a few quickies on some of it and first up are the Montane Sabretooth Pants.

These are probably long overdue, the closest they’ve done that I can recall were the Terra Ice Pants some years ago which were a proper winter pant and the Sabretooth’s do fill a gap in the range. I’ve used the Sabretooth Jacket many times which is a match for the pants in design and fabric and is a crap weather winner, so I’d expect the pants to be the same. That’s not a hunch, although I lay on the floor breathing in hard trying to pull these mediums on in vain, the design of the Sabretooths mostly tells us what we need to know.

The Polartec Powershield fabric is a good call, wind and water resistant and it’s proven tough  as well. It’s got enough stretch and along with a good cut, articulation and a diamond crotch, it should be a winner in these pants.
There’s plenty detailing, double stitching all over the place for a start. There’s a stretchy thigh pocket, two mesh hip pockets and a rear pocket which no one will ever use. The zips are all nicely contrasting red which matches the jacket (my original jacket version is all-black, harrumph) and there’s grabable zip puller on there.

The ankles cuffs have some options. There’s a zipped gusset to adjust for footwear size and easy on-off, poppers to cinch the ankle in and two ferrules for an underfoot cord as you’ll probably not want to wear gaiters with these, so you can still seal the snow out with some DIY bungee.

The waist has a single button closure and zip fly with nice big belt loops for your own belt. There’s a set of removeable braces, a feature I love in winter pants, the elastic is soft enough with plenty of length adjustment and a nice patch fillet thing (there’ll be a word for it, but I don’t know it) on your lower back which is a good idea as pulling braces on in a tent often leads to fankling, and this might help prevent that.

I didn’t weigh them, no one needs to know the weight of the trousers they’re wearing unless they’re a test pilot. Anyway, the look good to me, the inner soft face of the fabric is nice against the skin and the design looks to be right on the money. Damn my size largeness.

Still, all is not lost, it’ll be a very Montane winter on here, there’s plenty more coming up.


20 thoughts on “Montane Sabretooth Pants”

  1. These look very nice, but do you think Montane have missed a trick with not including leg vents?

    On the subject of Montane are you likley to have the Alpine Stretch Jacket to test at some point? I ask as it might answer my search for a tough but simple (and none insulated) softshell for climbing – my pertex tops just cannot handle the abuse…

  2. There’s a vented option, the Terra Alpines (review soon, wore them all last winter) but they’re a bit lighter.
    They could have put the leg pocket on the front or dropped it and went for zipped vents on the Sabretooths, would I have preffered that? 50/50 I think.

  3. I just keep going back to how often I use the vents on my Decathlon softshell troos (which is a lot) and think that with the addition of a membrane it would make even more sense.
    Anyway, I’d spied the Terra Alpines and look forward to your thoughts (and on the Stretch jacket :-)).

  4. The Decathalon’s look good, own brand fabric is always worth a shot.

    The Terra Alpines are good, worked well with gaiters which I liked for a change. I’ll have them out again depending onwhat else comes in for winter.
    Not got the jacket, it looks nice though, I did give it the once over at the showroom.

    I’ll get Montane up soon. Honest. After the Haglofs preview. Maybe.

  5. No problem!
    The Decathlons are good; until it gets really wet. At that point the lack of belt loops and the elastic braces allow them to head south. But that’s not really the fault of a pair of non-waterproof troos I’d say.
    On the jacket front I’ll just have to wait to take a look until March and the general release …

  6. March will come all to soon I think, I feel like I’m strapped to a rocked being fired through Halloween, bonfire night, birthdays, Christmas, Hogmany and the having missed Winter crash into Spring!

  7. Indeed, number one daughter’s birthday on Halloween (my own little monster) and my Mum’s birthday just before Christmas (which I believe she shares with a certain Mr P Macfarlane of this parish), as well as the more ‘established classics’. Hopefully I can surface before all the snow has gone!

  8. Add an unreasonable amount of school friends birthday parties to that and life as we know it is over.

    Aye, 44 coming in December. Hooray.

  9. And there was me thinking you must have a HUGE gear cupboard somewhere filled with all of the stuff you test out!

  10. It must take up half your home! How did a heating engineer end up having a second job as an writer anyway?

  11. No idea. I’ve never had any desire to do outdoor writing, review kit or take photies of mountains. It just kinda happened.

    The old kit earns its keep. I use my favourites still for mountains and as an engineer, friends and family are testing some stuff to destruction and some kit has gone to good causes and folk that I know need it, and two jackets right now are a stone’s throw from Everest.

  12. I like the look of those, i still love my terra converts…so much ive now got about 5 pairs in various colours from over the years!

    i’ve been meaning to replace my really old rohan superstriders for winter but havent found anything i like as much

  13. Moggy, I really love my Marmot Scree trousers for Winter, they shed water really well, they’re mad stretchy and really durable. I bought a size Large (too big) because I could get them for £40. If you can get them for that price they’re a steal for a soft shell trousers.

    PTC, that sounds like a good idea. I may have to eBay some older kit that I don’t use anymore and buy duplicates of the favourites!

  14. I’m still wearing an old pair of Haglofs Omni pants in winter, great fabric, good braces and big leg vents.
    Should have got two.

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