Montane Part 2

What we see there is a sneaky first look at the revamped Flux for winter, as well as being an outstanding colour there’s been some tinkering under the hood.
Paul had to knock me unconscious to get it back off me. The grin says it all as ever.

Most manufacturers ranges shrink for summer, or they suddenly come out with “trekking” gear, shirts and shorts and the like. Montane still have most of the range intact but have added a new group of gear called Live Lite.
It’s blend of the technical and the lifestyle, which is maybe a dilemma for Montane s all they want to do is Rock!
But it’s made in great fabrics, the fit is still technical and most importantly, the fabrics are recycled and recyclable. It’s a bloody good idea that, and it’ll all go that way at some point. The early adopters are going to be laughing in a few years, Patagonia are the most obvious example, and the fact that they’re sending fabric back to China to get made into new gear shows that it works.

I’ve got these strides in for test, the Bag Pants (because they’re made from recycled Happy Shopper poly bags, not the shredded remains of Rohan). They’re a canvasy-looking casual looking pant, a nice loose-ish cut with four pockets and some nice stitch detailing. It’s the kind of thing you might expect from Howies, but without the pretention.
I kind like them, it’s a fabric that’ll take some weather and abuse, but you don’t look overdressed for a walk around a country park.

Montane have been lucky with their logo. A bit of biro work and their wee mountain and sky roundel is transformed into a recycling sign.
That logo is from the rear neck of an Infinity T-Shirt, it’s soft, it’s very orange and looks good with the pants. My face is way too weatherbeaten for it though.
The fleeces are nice, the windshells have a silky smooth fabric and I love the colours across the Live Lite models.
I wonder how it’ll do? In terms of design and fabric it’s new ground, the ideas behind it means it deserves to succeed so we can get the same eco fabrics on the technical gear sooner rather than later.

But, it was going through the technical range, the updated Halo, the Atomic DT and the winter models that you can see the glint in Montane’s eye.
The Sabretooth that I reviewed recently? They made it because they all wanted one. Aren’t they lucky that folk like it?
I was trying on the Extreme Smock, which I’ll test in winter, another quiet classic that folk can’t get enough of.

Montane seem to quietly churn the best of gear, where others are shouting in your ear about it. Maybe this has let them grow at their own pace, maybe it’s just a British thing?
Whatever, good lads, carry on.

Updates. In a bit.

29 thoughts on “Montane Part 2”

  1. NICE one, thanks for sharing it with us, u know how much i like montane gear, its also good that they make stuff for chunks like me.

    ps love the last pic, made me chuckle lots!

  2. Never mind the new orange jacket, the purple gutties are coooool!!! Beat my pink and white checked ones…

  3. Moggy, that’s the updated Halo and Spectra pants in that photie. Pauls vecome such a skinny bugger.

    Ange, those shoes are never off my feet at the moment. My dream sannies :o)

  4. ohh halo, i want one of those!!

    actually ive just remembered that i have some montane air pants that i got for £50 from the factory shop as they had changed the branding on them and i think they have since discontinued them, they are fantastic, very light and suprisingly durable, i keep meaning to weigh them to find out just how light they are, again ive had them quite a while now..2005 or 2006 i think

  5. forgot to say they dont have full length zips like in the ones in the pic but they do have big enough zips for me to get in and out of them with my big size 13 boots on.

  6. Much to like in the new Montane line-up as ever. That orange Flux is awesome. Pity I already have a black one and I need something warmer. I need a Super Flux! The Filament jacket went straight on the Must Have list too. Nice cross-over appeal to it, especially as I need technical clothes just to walk to work!

  7. Aye the new Flux looks braw but I shall not be tempted ( I hope )

    Just had a disappointing email from Montane – they have no plans to make a womens version of the terra converts :-( That is really annoying as all the rest of the converts troos are piss poor in comparison. The only ones I haven’t been able to try are the Haglofs and that’s coz the only seem to stock skinny bitch sizez not normal woman size

    What’s a girl to do when she wants to flassh her legs on the hill ;-)

  8. I really wish I’d got Air Pants. However, wait ’til winter…

    The Filament was nice, I’ve got a picture of me wearing it somewhere.
    The orange Flux also has a burgundy lining, it’s diffenet enough to the current one to want both, Ach I’ve said too much, they’re at the door…

    Blondie, choice in zip-offs is limited right enough. Hmmm, breeks and long socks that you can roll down?
    You may all laugh, but it’s not that long ago I was doing that.

  9. i bet they whatever they bring out in winter will cost more than £50 though!

    just weighed my air pants, they weigh 260g which considering they are porker size i think is amazing, actually the only fault i can find is lack of pockets but then ive always had problems with pockets on waterproof trousers letting water in, filling with water or my stuff falling out so im 50/50 to whether its actually a problem or not.

  10. just had another thought (damn the lack of edit post button)

    the haglofs lim ultimate combined with montane air pant is just about less than the weight of my superfly xt in the …not that i can see the lim ultimate replacing my xt in the winter but for summer backpacking its definitely something im going to try

  11. Mmm my ex (a Kiwi) used to wear thermals under shorts and just pull them down when his lega got cold – NOT a good look in any country

    I suspect that I’ll end up wearing my stretchy cycling capri troos (without the insert) again this year………..

  12. Mogy, that is a good combo for weight for performance. The LIM Ultimate is fine in winter, it’s a bit of a leap of faith, but it’s plenty long and the hood’s pretective, so you’re laughing.

    TBW, does that not look a bit like Plus Fours? :o)

  13. The questions still to be answered are: a) will i miss the pockets? b) will the lim last under a rucksack, c) will i stay dry in goretex………stay tuned !!

  14. Any changes to the sleeve lengths on the prism/flux? The sleeves on the current prism certainly come up rather short on me.

  15. I think dimension wise they’re much the same.
    There’s a big difference in the sleeve lengths of those two jackets though.

  16. when you say yes to b are you remembering that i carry most our lasses gear?

    either way will see what happens very soon!

  17. ive been trying to persuade her to get a better pack or lighter/smaller sleeping bag that fits in her current pack but she is only tiny, i think im going to have to train her up.

  18. I think I’m a bit of a voice of dissent amidst this Montane love-in…. :)

    It’s not that I don’t think they make some good kit, just that I nearly always seem to have found something else that suits me better (and more and more it’s from Haglofs! :))
    Terras – nice but prefer Mtn Hardwear Pack Pants (until they dropped them :(
    Stretch Terras – found the seams odd, went for Lowe Paradigm Pants
    Featherlite windshirt – undoubtedly brilliant, got one when they appeared, but now prefer the better fit and features of the Haglofs Kaza, or robustness of the Paramo Fuera
    Featherlite pants – nice idea but a baggy cut, sold mine and now have the better tailoring of the Haglofs Haze or functionality of the Haglofs Kazoos
    Their assortment of ultralight waterproofs – give me the protection of the Haglofs Oz (and the colour! :)
    Extreme Smock – an undoubted classic, but I went with Keith at ExtremeOutdoors for made-to-measure.

    So lots of ‘nearly but not quite’. My collection amounts to a rarely used Featherlite smock, a pair of Terra zip-offs, a Kinetic shirt that’s great on the bike (why did they drop it?) and a Dynamo jacket as a summer ‘around town’ coat.
    I’d undoubtedly look their way if I ever want to add an eVent waterproof to my armoury.

    Looking up at that list I’m inclined to think the moral is that where quality kit is concerned CHOICE IS GOOD!! :))

  19. Moggy, jut buy nice light presents and nice pack to carry them in :o)

    Matt, you’re quite right. In the past I had issues with the fit of a lot of Montane, it’s the more recent stuff that I find usable.
    I can’t wear Terra’s anymore, too restrictive. I have to have stretch.

    The point about choice is so important, being able to pick and chose from different brands is vital, so is having diverse enough shops to stock it all.

    “Support your independants”

  20. Hear! Hear! to both sentiments.

    I write that as someone who cannot fit in Haglofs, finds some Montane too short and hates most hoods on the market ;-)

  21. Totally agree, supporting independants has to be the way forward.

    Its great to have a choice of decent gear and different fits, i guess its hard for gear companies to make gear that suits everyone.

    i was a bit worried when i was told i was getting a haglofs jacket as i wasnt sure if it would fit or not as some of their gear fits me other bits dont, turns out the jacket does ;o)

  22. Not tried any myself, same with Haglofs kit. Both ranges have some great looking kit but i think their stuff is too expensive, we are after all in a recession and to me if you drop your prices a bit you sell more kit.

  23. Hating most hoods is entirely understandable. You don’t use it much, but when you need it, it has to be right, and it so rarely is.

    It is hit and miss Moggy, they have different fits for different products and some of the notional average shapes used by some brands I’m sure aren’t even based on people.

    coops, I wish!
    The price has gone up because the raw materials and manufacturing costs have gone up. Basically Chinese and Vietnamese folk want the same standard of living that we have, and the money to pay for it.
    Quite right to, somebody always has to suffer when there’s a profit or bargain.

    But it’s cyclical, manufacturing will move to India and the middle east and then prices will drop again.

    Another interesting thing, sales are up with many of the brands. There seems to be rule that top-end gear always sells and it’s the cheap or middle ground sales that fall away.

  24. Since taking up running last year i have used a featherlite marathon jkt loads. Very impressed.
    Also been using a 180 smock, when its realy damp. Not the most breathable of jackets but its light, keeps the rain out and was cheep.

    Both bought from The Derby Runner. Cool independant shop located unsuprisingly in Derby. I have been buying walking and running gear off them for a few years now and always had good service.

    Would like to see Montane becoming more ethical and cutting their tops a litle slimmer but apart from that ‘top firm’ keep up the good work.

  25. It’s a good point that, the kit crossover element. Running/ biking/ walking all with the same kit is the ideal I supppose. Montane with a couple of others come pretty close to getting it right.
    Ethical and environmental stuff is going to become increasingly important across the board, how much is real and how much is marketing we’ll need to wait and see.

  26. Interesting stuff *PTC. I had a bit of a nose at the OS Show last weekend but with all the rest going on my head was full of kit by halfway through the day and couldn’t fit a lot more in!

    A really good preview – cheers!

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