Montane Meteor DT

You know me, I have bee in my bonnet about own-brand fabrics and anything else that’s not Gore-Tex or eVent. The fact that folk still ask for a “Gore-Tex” rather than a waterproof jacket is a triumph of both marketing and ignorance.
So, it’s with much joy that I have 350g of Entrant DT Storm & Stretch on test in the form of Montane’s Meteor DT.
The two fabrics are mixed across the jacket, the darker Stretch DT adding just enough movement across the shoulders to maintain perfect freedom of movement while giving a nice neat cut.
It’s very clean looking jacket, water resistant zips all round, three chest pockets, nice wide velcro cuffs, proper adjustable mountain hood and it has a very soft handle to it with the 2.5 layer Entrant fabric.

I liked the look of this when I was down at the Montane showroom last year, wedged into a medium, and the large is just right with enough space for light layering.
I’m taking this on the next trip, so hopefully, as pretty as it is, I’ll have something to say about the performance as well.

8 thoughts on “Montane Meteor DT”

  1. I have a pair of the DT leggings from last year and I think the Entrant fabric is great. My legs stay sweat and rain free when out running in them, but then your lower half doesn’t sweat as much.

    I wonder how much of the fabric debate over performance/breathability etc is the placebo effect?

  2. How good a product is described as being is aoften directly related to how much the wearer has spent on it.
    Or, it’s in defence of a bargain where shortcomings are alright becasue it was cheap.
    (Stand up both Arc’teryx and Alpkit!)

  3. So true… That’s why professional options from good people like yourself is so important when making kit decisions. Working in advertising/marketing myself, I never believe the hype. I’ll say it again, but I’m really looking forward to the battle of the smocks! Watch this space…

  4. You’ve very kind!
    As I often say, most gear is good, it’s the fit and detailing that make it better for one person or another. That’s why the web is so good, so many opnions and points of view, in the old days we were stuck with TGO and Trail, the two opposite ends of the spectrum!

  5. Thank you, I’ve got some great kit off the back of reviews and options on yours and associated friends blogs. My back, knees and feet would like to say thank you (if they could)!

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