Montane Limited Edition Dynamic Stretch Pants

Montane have produced a Limited Edition range of clothing with the proceeds going Mountain Rescue in England and Wales.
I’ve got the Dynamic Stretch Pants in for test to see what the score is.

The big story is the fabric, a new version of Polartec’s Powershield softshell. It feels good, inside and out, and has a decent balance between easy stretch and keeping its shape. Good wind resistance and DWR too.
There’s a lot of detail in there as well. A map sized zipped leg pocket with a little expansion gusset, two big front pockets, zipped fly with a dress-trouser styled two button fastening on the semi-elasticated waist and a webbing belt with a proper big buckle on it.
There’s a little bit of articulation at the knees, and in general, movement is good with the slightly relaxed cut and the stretch fabric. The ankles adjust with Montane’s favourite popper system.
There’s the nice new embroidered Montane logo, an embroidered Polartec logo plus the “Limited Edition” red zip and patch on the pocket. Makes them look team, which I kinda like. The black and red of the whole range is pretty sexy I think.

I’ve happily walked and biked in them without any problems, but I’ll keep updating as I go.
Looking at it right now though, the £65 tag on these makes them look like a steal.

Product Information

  • Weight: 418g for my size large
  • UK Price: £65, with £35 going to Mountain Rescue
  • Fabric: Polartec PowerShield with Hardface Technology
  • Made In: China
  • Regular version also available

17 thoughts on “Montane Limited Edition Dynamic Stretch Pants”

  1. Indeed.

    But, I was talking to Montane yesterday and there is “wait ’til you see what’s coming” in the pant department, so hopefully some news there.

  2. Well I’m off to the Lakes later, then Sky on Saturday, so mine will get a full 8/9 days of solid scrambling. That should text the fabric to destruction! I’ll report in when I’m back.

    Peace all.

  3. Don’t know! Apparently this is the only place this fabric is being used until next year, so info is scarce.
    I’ll enquire further…

  4. i did a brief check earlier and found other companies to have already utilized the powershield with hardface tech combo.

  5. Aye, I’ve got that combo on other stuff as well. There’ll be a little something in there that makes it different.
    I’m always amazed at how many varieties of Polartec there are, hundreds. After six imperceptibly different swarches of Powerstretch you stop caring :o)

  6. are the inside of the pants slightly fleeced? i wish outdoor clothing was flame resistant!

  7. Not fleeced, but the weave is “lightly textured” on the inner face if you know what I mean.

    Camp cooking was much safer in the old days when wearing cotton wasn’t certain death…
    Has there been a pyrocamping incident?

  8. no.

    because everything is constructed from nylon or polyester, means everything’s a candidate for sticky inferno-rage. surprised you don’t hear about more incidents.

  9. We were talking about this recently, I’ve got two incidents of folk torching tents with stoves and one of trousers catching on fire…

    Lets be careful out there!

  10. and the fuzz on the inside of a lot of softshell garments, in particular, the membrane type, just loves to ignite! how do i know? uh, was trying to defuzz the garment.

  11. anyone know if these are available to overseas buyers? theclimbershop has them but are charging a whopping 35GBP for shipping.

  12. Ah, that must have been a fun day of DIY…

    As far as i know onlt Montane themselves and the Clibers Shops are selling them. I’d give Montane a shout and see what they say about shipping them out?

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