Montane Flux Review

One of my best pals these past few months has been the updated Montane Flux. It blurs the line between mountain jacket and camp/rest insulation, and because of that, it’s seen a good bit of use.

The biggest difference between the original Flux and this version is that there’s more insulation in this, and that’s made it more usable through winter. It’s still quite light in insulation compared to some winter pieces, but the tailored fit means less air gaps to heat and therefore it’s more efficient, and I do feel the warmth when I pull it on.
The insulation is stitched onto the shell in a few places, giving a quilted appearance. There’s been some debate about whether this is actually doing anything in a technical way. From my perspective, any insulation works best in specific parameters of loft or density, so a little “control” on it seems like a good idea. Whatever, it helps keep the jacket neat and low-profile.

The front has four pockets, which you might find on a bigger belay-type jacket, but it’s unusual on a lighter insulator. The side handwarmers put your hands inbetween layers of insulation so you don’t bleed heat from inside the jacket, the two napoleon pockets have the same arrangement but are also big and deep enough to stow a good bit of gear in.
On a few trips the Flux has been my outer layer on the move and the pockets have been very useful. It’s that usability that’s made the Flux a favourite, it’s been that cold this winter that I’ve been able to cut about the hills wearing this without overheating.

The hood is good, and will fit over other layers as well as leaving your head mobile while protecting it. It does roll down leaving a nice microfleece lined collar (which extends to a beardguard), but it’s got one of those big long tabs with velcro on it which are best cut off when you get the Flux home from the shop.
Detailing is good, there’s a wide insulated baffle behind the two-way main zip, velcro adjustable cuffs, hood/collar and hem drawcords and a wee smattering of reflective detailing. The napoleon pockets have nice wee zipper garages which is a good touch.

The fit is subjective of course, but the arms are are nice and long, the body has a decent length and it’s good good width for pulling on over a couple of light layers. The mobility is also brilliant, it’s been designed to be worn when you’re active.
The outer fabric has proved good in both rain and snow, and few times I’ve just pulled the hood up and ignored the weather and hung the jacket up when I got back, and aye, it dries quick.

Downsides? The extra pockets, a more durable fabric choice and detailing does push the weight up a bit and you will get a warmer pure insulation piece for less weight. That’s missing the point though as the Flux is much more that something wear while you have a cuppa from your flask.
And of course, the zip-pulls are rubbish and were replaced by knotted cord!

Special mention goes to the Primaloft ECO fill, made from minimum 50% recycled crap from out homes. That’s the way it all should be going.

Summary? It’s a fantastic jacket, it’s been reliable, warm and has performed as my outer layer in some terrible winter weather without a problem.
I’ll forgive the extra weight because all the features that make up those extra grams have been anything from handy to vital at various times.

Product Information

  • Weight: 624g for my size large
  • UK Price: £135
  • Fabric: Pertex Microlight outer, Peaq inner/ Primaloft ECO 60g/40g zones
  • Made in: China
  • Woman’s version available later this year

13 thoughts on “Montane Flux Review”

  1. That’ll be why it looks like your gaggin on it!
    I was guuny get the flux but the haglofs belay came up for £70 in a sale (be rude not I thought)

    I bought that under your recommendation and others on OM and apart from an enormous hood its the Mutts.

  2. Naw, I’d just burnt my lip on it :o)

    £70 is a steal, and that’s another cracking jacket too. Too much good gear out there right now!

  3. Interesting, my old version in Medium weighs 619g, your new one in large weighs 624g. You mention that it has extra pockets, how many has it got as mine has 4 pockets, 2 handwarmer and 2 chest (Napoleon?)

    Looks like the new one would be lighter, did you weigh it or is 624g the manufacturers stated weight.

    The Flux is a great all round jacket, good fit (subjective) just enough features and doesn’t need looked after like a down jacket. Mine’s almost worn out after a year of constant use, it doesn’t feel just a puffy as it did.

  4. Nah, same pockets, two side, two centre.
    The weight was taken yesterday on my wee digital scales, twice to make sure, so it is right. I’m taking great care with these new poduct info things :o)
    I think that the closer cut has maybe offset the extra insulation in this version, they’re advertising the current medium at 520g.
    I’ll get the old version out and do a quick comparison during the week and see if there’s anything else obvious.

    Good point about the insulation, synthetic can be a lot more fragile than you’d hope. I’ve got an old Montane Solo and it’s so fried now it just feels like a two layer windshirt!

  5. I weighed mine again (just to be sure) and it’s actually 591g but to be honest I’m not bothered as it performs so well so much of the time.

    That mine is past it’s best is no criticism, it’s about a year old but it’s been worn to work, worn at work, slept in, shoved into my daysack, soaked, thrown in the wash along with regular stuff and the only visible damage is one of the waist drawcords has come loose where it’s stitched in at the zip. For something that has so little bulk it’s amazingly warm and if it was kept as a specialist piece of outdoor gear it would last a very long time.

    In my case it’s a victim of it’s own success, I just can’t stop wearing it :-)

  6. I’m the same, my original Flux had been very treated pretty harshly, like you say becsaue it’s just so useful.
    It does wash well, I wonder if that baffling helps with that? Keeping some of the insulation a little more protected and easier to rinse?

    Still, we really need 100-fill big fat hooded synthetic insulation piece from Montane.

  7. Aye, that would be good, maybe even a 60/100.

    Thanks to this discussion I’ve just re-stitched the drawcord this morning, some of these days I’ll give it a proper wash with something ‘Technical’ to restore the DWR and it might even give the insulation a boost, not this week though as I’m wearing it.

  8. I gave up using fancy soaps and just stick all my clothes in the wash tgether with non-bio or Ecover.
    I do think, apart from DWR recharging like you mention, fancy soaps may be something of a scam as I don’t notice any difference in performace.

    That’s a whole debate on it’s own though!

  9. Hi chaps. Trying to decide between the Flux and the RAB Generator Apline.
    For me it’ll be a put on when it gets cold at belays/getting off the water after sea kayaking, Lunch stops and camps on the hills. The RAB is obviously warmer but the fit, ‘looks’ and versitility of the Flux is pushing. Any advice? jc

  10. The Flux is very “usuable”, and I’ve boosted the heat in winter plenty times with a down vest.
    It’s different from alot of insulation in that it’s not soft and baggy, it’s trim and designed for wearing on the move.
    I love it.

    The Generator Alpine is more of a belay/camp jacket with just the handwarmer pockets, but still great kit and it’s warmer and lighter.


  11. Hi there,

    I know this is an exceptionally old entry but I’m after some sizing advice – I’ve highlighted the Flux as my next jacket to fill that ‘gap’ (*yeah right) in my wardrobe, but I was wondering if the Prism and the Flux share the same cut or not.

    I currently have a Prism 2.0 X-Large which is just a tad on the large size for me (ideal to go over a down vest, but on its own it’s a bit baggy at the front). I have an X-Large Oryx which fits snugly and is perfect, so Iwas wondering whetehr to get an X-Large or a Large in the Flux.

    Any ideas based on how they the two jackets (Prism 2.0 and Flux) compare in terms of cut?


  12. On me both my size large Prism 2.0 and Flux come up at around the same fit, good over a base layer and a light mid layer.
    The flux might be a tiny bit bigger, but that might be because its a longer and slightly heavier jacket and it feels different? But they do look the same general chest size and I’m happy with both in a large.

    Hope that helps!

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