Mont Bell Ultralight SuperStretch DownHugger #4, first look

I’ve had this on test for a wee while now, but it still hasn’t had a proper hard task asked of it. This warmer weather though makes if perfect for Munro top camps, so I’ll get a better measure of it soon.

Build quality is outstanding, and it’s very light. The stretch seam construction is a revelation. I’ve used the system before on the M.E. Xero bags, and it’s great. Unrestictive and warm.

It’s got a drawcord at your ankles as well. You can cinch it in to trap warm air around your feet or tighten it right up to shorten the bag. It’s got a full length zip and decent drawcorded hood, but no neck baffle. I’m getting used to that between this and the Rab AR topbag, but you can lose heat here if you’re not careful.

The inner is silky smooth, which is nice. So, more later.

11 thoughts on “Mont Bell Ultralight SuperStretch DownHugger #4, first look”

  1. I got p****d off with Trail for giving the #7 version of this a -ve for being ‘not very warm’. No sh*t, I could’ve written that, it’s a 10 degree bag that they were testing over winter. Why not wait till it was the right temperature to do a proper test? Surely ‘not very warm’ in a sleeping bag test is going to raise a teensey bit of doubt that it perhaps doesn’t deserve?

  2. I’m a big fan of Mont Bell’s UL-SS series – I’ve got a #4 and a #1, and I love them both. Of the two, only the #1 features a neck baffle.

  3. I’ve had one of the synthetic bags from MontBell for a couple of years and its temperature rating is v.accurate. I dont doubt the down bags will be the same but this test in Trail does seem a little inappropriate!

  4. Firstly, hello folks!

    When I was talking to MontBell about which bag to test I asked for a #4 or #5 because the application is wider, I always camp high up and there’s no point in suffering all night. I knew GT from Trail had been sent the #7, but it’s only got 130g of down in it I think, that’s less than the Rab AR top bag has got and that’s just on one side. Adventure racing and summer/low level only I think for that one.
    At the Lakes trip a couple of weeks ago GT brought the #7 and it is frightening small. If you hold it up to the light you can count the down clusters inside the fill is so minimal.
    The sleeping bags were all part of the discussion and reason we were there, for a lightweight camping trip. I can’t give the game away but the results should make an interesting feature, once it’s out I’ll come back to it.

  5. A lot of the Mont Bell products look ok,havnt used any of their stuff yet so will be interested to see the results…they make some nifty looking short gaiters too.

  6. Defo agree on montbell stuff,i have the #1,used it all winter,very,very nice bit of kit.

  7. They’re not bringing in much of the range yet, just some of the sleepingbags and some clothes.
    But the kit is very nice, so I hope we see more of it if they get a foothold here.

    The kit is so light though. I just hope it’s not perceived as weight loss at the expense of performance. Like GT getting the #7 downhugger. Most of us would read the review as “it’s not for use in this context”, but some folk will just see “this is a cold sleeping bag”.

  8. Aye, I’ve had great products and great service from them with both Gregory and Snowclaw stuff! :))

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